“samba’s AI is able to identify the preferences of every single customer."


Predictive Modeling leads to Conversion rates above 80%

Conversion and Open Rates both Increased by 50%

Introduction is an FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) company, offering services in select areas of the Czech Republic, including Prague and Central Bohemia. From perishables to pharmaceuticals, their e-shop offers more than 15,000 items and their added-value services include a rich loyalty program, the option for paper bags, and fast delivery of goods directly to a customer’s door.

Using Samba

Maintaining high levels of retention and satisfaction is of the utmost importance for Kosik and their ability to have marketing that fosters that is made possible in large part by Samba and its capacity for automatically executing optimized and personalized online campaigns.

“The main motto of the company is a ‘Cart for all’, which means we strive to provide options for all customer groups, from those who come looking for cheaper goods at a discount to those who desire high-quality products from premium brands,” said Radek Skopal, Marketing Specialist at Kosik. “Samba's artificial intelligence is able to identify the preferences of each individual customer and then offer them precisely the goods they want. That’s why we like it.” takes advantage of all primary features of Samba. This includes the use of advanced predictive models that segment audiences based on purchase interest and then fuel personalized campaigns, leading to conversion rates above 80%. In addition, they look to Samba’s flow campaigns to plan dynamic, multi-faceted campaign flows, which offer various omnichannel capabilities, including Facebook custom audiences. Also, they capitalize on the real-time behaviors of their customers through the use of triggered campaigns such as those for shopping intention and repeat orders.

With a primary strategy focused on increasing retention (i.e. more repeat orders), Samba helps them in that pursuit, providing the tools they need to anticipate the current and future needs of their customers and automatically execute campaigns harnessing that data.


“In the early days of using samba, we focused on applying some of its more basic omnichannel features and, above all, creating marketing scenarios that may have been more difficult to develop, but ran all on their own.

After that, we gradually expanded our focus to optimize and broaden our strategy. Now, as soon as a new or reworked feature is introduced, we try to adapt as fast as possible to improve the various metrics that are important to us. The latest example of this is their recent addition of web push notification support. Personally, I really appreciate what samba offers.”

Radek Skopal, Marketing Specialist for

Samba customer since 2018

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