Email Frequency

When it comes to how often your subscribers receive an email, you're in complete control.

Samba allows you to easily regulate your e-mailing frequency, with a variety of options, and clearly see the impact of your decisions, allowing you adjust in real time.

Email Database Management

More effectively manage your marketing efforts with the option of manually adding or deleting contacts from your email database.

Do so through the importing and exporting of CSV files or opt to modify the list manually, an email address at a time.


Target precisely who you want to reach with each campaign utilizing a vast array of segmentation filters, which include segmenting by demographics, activity level, interests, and more.

Or take advantage of Samba's Smart Targeting to have Samba automatically find the optimal audience for your campaign.

Coupon Integration

Few things work better at getting people shopping than coupons. As an e-commerce business, you most probably have a variety of coupons you use, each for various purposes.

Samba gives your coupons new life by giving you the means of inserting your unique coupon codes into your various email campaigns.