Perzonalization Tools


Autopilot is one of Samba's premiere functions, allowing you to rest easy knowing Samba will automatically handle your campaigns, continually analyzing, iterating, and executing optimized marketing 24/7.

Great, huh?

Flow Campaigns

The power of Samba lies in giving you the ability to effortlessly and effectively connect with your customers across various channels and in a variety of different ways.

One such tool of accomplishing this is Samba’s Flow Campaigns, where you can break down the “flow” of an omni-channel campaign, complete with setting segmentation options, custom actions, touch points, and much more.

Smart Segmentation

Based on interests, preferences, and shopping history, Samba will find the right customers to deliver your campaign to, automatically deciding which products to promote and the optimal means of doing so.

This feature enables you to have accurately targeted e-mail marketing without the hassle of setting your segmentation criteria.

Web Personalization

Able to automatically showcase recommended products to customers based on their real-time interests, shopping history, and more, Samba's web personalization increases customer satisfaction and overall revenue.

Easily-implemented widgets can be placed on your homepage, on a product page, or even during checkout.