Build Great Customer Experiences With Samba's Flow Campaigns


Since its inclusion in Samba Enterprise, Flow Campaigns have been empowering users with an easy-to-use, intuitive means of creating multifaceted campaign flows that execute and react automatically, harnessing a variety of filtering options and omnichannel capabilities.

Despite the inherent utility and efficacy of flow campaigns, there are many users that aren’t taking full advantage of them and are subsequently leaving a lot of profits on the table. We’re here to help rectify that by illustrating the benefits of Samba’s flow campaigns and to touch on its capabilities, which can go a long way to helping boost conversion rates.

Before We Get Started

To begin, it’s important to cover a typical use case that is likely not going to truly take advantage of what flow campaigns provide and that is a campaign that has an absolute minimum amount of segmentation and included actions. In these cases, it’s usually more efficient to create and issue them as a one-time “Custom Campaign”.

Please keep in mind though that these generally have low open rates and CTR values since they don’t utilize advanced customer segmentation. Sending these types of email campaigns is useful once in a while, when it makes marketing sense and the information or products included are of interest to all of your customers equally and at the same time.

Getting your Marketing into the Flow

In order to realize the full potential of a given flow campaign, and by extension our customer database, it’s important to work with it as personally as possible. We must look at the overall campaign and its associated actions from the perspective of when, to whom, and which emails will be sent. Because this whole structure can end up being very complex, depending on the business type and focus, it’s necessary to think strategically and draft the flow in advance.

By doing so, you can fully delve into your customer database, creating viable customer segmentation and offers within an optimized omnichannel environment. With the right preparation, you need only initialize and structure everything within the flow campaign itself and then everything executes automatically. After that, you can choose to gradually optimize or customize some parts within the flow, utilizing built-in statistics and Samba’s accelerators.

As you can see from the picture above, flow campaigns allow for an intricate, automated network of marketing filters and functions, which deliver a significantly positive effect on campaign results, including high conversion rates at all stages of the funnel, from open to purchase. 

To get conversion rates upwards of 40%, it’s imperative that you have consistent, dynamic, and personalized communications across a variety of channels that are relevant to each customer. This is the core of what Samba’s flow campaigns provide.

Flow Campaign Optimization

But to get conversion rates approaching 40%, being focused and as relevant as possible is key. With flow campaigns, you can easily duplicate templates that can then be edited in a matter of minutes, affording you the opportunity to try a variety of different flow combinations to target different customer segments and speak directly to their needs.

What begins as creating separate emails and offers for men versus women, will eventually blossom into more robust segmentation that harnesses shopping tendencies. Whether they’ve never purchased, only purchased a few times, or are loyal customers who frequent your shop regularly, each segment can be approached in a manner that is optimized for their behaviors and tendencies, with further consideration given to how much have they purchased, how long since they’ve last purchased, how frequently have they purchased, and so on.

It’s Samba’s vast assortment of customer filters, which act as the forks in the flow that allow for this dynamic subdivision of users. Beyond those specified above, users can be filtered by average order value, which product categories they’ve purchased from, which brands they prefer, RFM values, and much more. 

Going even further, Samba’s advanced AI can make real-time predictions based on customer behavior and activity and filter accordingly. This includes Samba’s Predictive CLV or Solvency filters, which segments customers according to their estimated e-shop value or their purchasing power (Economy, Standard, Rich), respectively.

Communicating After Purchase

So far, we’ve primarily covered how one would use and optimize flow campaigns to best get users to purchase something. Equally important, however, is the communication that occurs after purchase, as this not only provides an opportunity to further cement that relationship between your brand and the customer but also a new possibility to upsell or cross-sell.

In the sample flow campaign above, you can see that different emails are sent to customers depending on the product category they purchased from. By dividing them this way, we can make aspects of our communication, such as an email’s subject and content, more relevant and engaging, significantly boosting overall conversion rates.

For example, for those customers who have purchased a LEGO set, we can initiate a campaign one day after purchase (wait times can be set as needed) offering additional models and/or related products, LEGO guides and inspiration, or simply asking them to share a picture on your fan page. All of this can be set with just one filter, as Samba handles the rest providing timely delivery and personalized offers, including an option to only use products that meet a certain margin level.

But as mentioned above, it doesn’t have to be focused on offering them more goods but can also attempt to increase their satisfaction and connection with your business. For example, you can share digital content or showcase video content from Youtube, which may or may not be your own content, but that of a known influencer.

The advantage is that you only need to set it once and then Samba's flow campaigns handle everything automatically. Through them, you ensure your customers receive relevant content and great after-sales care, resulting in ever-increasing satisfaction and trust in your business. In the end, flow campaigns can help you build great customer experiences and let them know you will be there time and again to help them when they need it.

To read more about how Samba’s Flow Campaigns work, have a look at our documentation.

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