Create meaningful, personalized customer experiences at scale with samba.ai.

Design standout experiences,
across all of your channels.

How do you treat every customer as an individual when you have thousands? Meet samba.ai.

An easy-to-use marketing platform designed to create custom content experiences across all of your channels, in one go.
Trusted by more than 1,120 customers

Your favorite mark-tech,
powered by samba’s AI.

It’s self-taught,
and improves by itself, too.

As the first AI platform in the world samba is pretty smart by now (yes, really.) All it needs is a single
line of code from your web.  Grab that coffee and
sit back as it does the hard work for you.

It works well with all
your favorites.

What do you need help with straight away? samba.ai works with all your favourite tools from the marketing tech stack, so you don’t have to waste time building anything from scratch.

See results in 3 days,
not months.

Most marketing automation platforms need 2-6 months to offer tangible results. Thanks to intelligent predictive algorithms, samba.ai returns results in days. You’re welcome!

Ready to grow your business?

Partner with samba.ai.

Join our success stories.

"Our collaboration not only lead to greater time efficiency, but we were also surprised at how the predictive algorithm continued to improve.

Dentsu’s marketing efforts saw a 180% increase in clicks and a 24% increase in revenue compared to the control group! At the same time, samba was able to reduce cost per conversion by a third.”

Martin Petera, Lead Project Manager, Dentsu

Samba Customer since 2018

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“Even as we grow, samba continues to successfully meet our demanding requirements. And whenever we needed help figuring something out, their reliable, friendly support team was there to assist us or provide training. samba is really easy to use so everyone can learn to work with it really quickly! ”

Marek Dobry, Brand Manager Heureka.cz

Samba customer since 2016

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“We've been using samba for over 2 years now and we’re more than satisfied with it. I like the team at samba because they provide a great platform and good support. In the long run, I think every modern company should look to new technology, such as samba, to evolve. That’s why we use it. In the future, we’ll face further challenges in improving efficiency and entering new markets and will continue to look to samba to help us exceed our goals. ”

Filip Cerny, Marketing Director, Kytary.cz

Samba Customer since 2017

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“In the early days of using samba, we focused on applying some of its more basic omnichannel features and, above all, creating marketing scenarios that may have been more difficult to develop, but ran all on their own.

After that, we gradually expanded our focus to optimize and broaden our strategy. Now, as soon as a new or reworked feature is introduced, we try to adapt as fast as possible to improve the various metrics that are important to us. The latest example of this is their recent addition of web push notification support. Personally, I really appreciate what samba offers.”

Radek Skopal, Marketing Specialist for Kosik.cz

Samba customer since 2018

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