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Wasting time creating assets manually? See your eCommerce skyrocket with the ultimate AI-powered marketing automation tool.

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Samba.ai is the first truly automated and AI-powered marketing platform which requires zero experience in online marketing. All you need to do is to connect your eCommerce store and let Samba generate new orders for you!

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Case study


Revenue increased by 24%

Cost Per Conversion decreased by 30%





Samba operates across 10 countries and in 10 languages


Predictive Modeling leads to Conversion rates above 80%

Conversion and Open Rates both Increased by 50%


Simple integration
to major eCommerce platforms

Use free integrators for Magento 2, PrestaShop, Idosell, and Shoptet, or simply connect Samba.ai with your own platforms using data feeds.

Samba.ai integration to MagentoSamba.ai integration to PrestashopSamba.ai integration to IdosellSamba.ai integration to Shoptet

Enjoy all Samba.AI benefits and take more orders with less effort

Boost your sales instantly

Get from 50 to 500 offers in a matter of days without the need of any detailed planning.

Automate your marketing channels

Save time and energy and let Samba.ai deliver the experience your customers crave.

Right products to the right people

Samba.ai can identify what people need and offer products they are most likely to purchase.

Samba.ai – works well with all your favorites marketing tools

Automate your marketing channels with AI Autopilot

Achieve better results with less time effort every single day. Just sit down and let samba automatically provide the right customers with the right offers at the right time.

Run your omnichannel marketing activities with Flow Campaigns

Orchestrate a thought-through marketing communication plan in an easy-to-use visual editor that allows you to set the right segmentation, automatic A/B testing, and send the right messages at any given time.

Samba.ai – works well with all your favorites marketing tools
Samba.ai – works well with all your favorites marketing tools

Drive your customers to finalize their purchase

Did your visitors leave before confirming their order? Did your regular buyers forget about their often purchased items? Or do you need to trigger new customers to buy your products? Samba.ai can do it all with the automatic Abandoned Cart, Repeated Orders, and Shopping Intent features.

Turn first-time visitors into loyal clients with Welcome Campaigns and AI web personalization

Use Samba.ai’s Welcome Campaigns to set up pop-ups with vouchers and coupons for your first-time buyers. Recommend the most popular products according to their on-site behavior.

Samba.ai – works well with all your favorites marketing tools

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