Differentiate Your Business

Only 5% of customers find brand’s communication relevant to their wishes and desires. It's time to get out of the line and easily build fully personalized customer experiences with Samba. Show off to your competitors and astonish your customers!

Enjoy the benefits within days

It's easy to start using Samba. Just plug one line of code on your page and start with personalization at scale.

What takes months with other omnichannel marketing platforms, Samba can handle within a few days.

Deliver customer experience at scale

Overloading your customers with irrelevant content harms your reputation. But it's never too late to start individualizing every step of your customer journeys across the marketing channels.

Samba helps you to deliver easily a unique experience for every customer in the world of omnichannel marketing.

Enhance existing system with flexible solution

Don't throw away everything you have, just get much more out of that.

Samba uses a unique template system which can be easily implemented into your actual marketing technologies.

“We chose Samba because it’s a multi-purpose tool and not just a mailing platform. Samba continues to meet our demanding requirements and whenever we needed help figuring something out, their reliable, friendly support was there to assist or provide training."

Martin Petera, Lead Project Manager at DENTSU
DENTSU has managed to improve its core metrics

Get covered within 2 minutes

Samba delivers customer experience through internal processes and customer interaction.

If there is any related issue, our consultants answer all your questions online and quickly - within 2 minutes in average. Moreover, we support you and your team with extensive onboarding.

See what Samba can do for you

Keep everything under your thumb

Marketing offers almost infinite possibilities. So it's extremely handy to have all your rich customer-value data under control.

With Samba you can manage everything in one place. Land your digital campaigns easily, consistently and deliver unique customer experience.

Built with marketers for marketers

What is most important for successful technology? The answer is people.

Samba is developed with marketers for marketers and doesn't require special technological knowledge. Simple customization allows you to use it easily to your liking.

The right mix

  • Omnichannel workflow builder with ability to react to other campaigns
  • Segmentation best practices built into features across the platform
  • Templating system with flexibility in mind to deliver real-time generated content
  • AI-generated segments for optimized messaging and saving time and more ....