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If you’re speaking to everyone, good luck reaching anyone. In today’s digital world, marketers need intelligent tech to succeed.

Add AI power into your marketing mix within days.

Automate any part of your marketing process,
from AI analysis, to email management, web personalization or more. Thanks to intelligent
predictive algorithms doesn’t need months to help you start building relationships
and loyalty, as well as ROI.

Be relevant and timely, each step of the way.

True personalization means more than using a customer's name. Individualize the entire customer journey, automatically, and at scale, for truly helpful, high-performance marketing. It’s easy and fast with sales and segmentation analyses, and flow campaigns. 

Your customers expect magic. So let them have it.

Today, 75% of customers expect marketing content to be personalized to their needs. Yet only 5% find brand communications actually relevant. offers over 80 business insights to help you analyze and predict patterns in your customers’ behaviors and needs.

"Our collaboration not only led to a significant increase in time efficiency, but we were also surprised at how the predictive algorithm continued to improve.

Dentsu’s marketing efforts saw a 180% increase in clicks and a 24% increase in revenue compared to the control group! At the same time, samba was able to reduce the cost per conversion by a third.”

Martin Petera, Lead Project Manager at DENTSU
See how helped DENTSU improve its core metrics

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Our online team is fast to respond, and we even include a free on-boarding session for your entire team.

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Imagine everything you need, in one handy place.

The world of marketing offers infinite possibilities. And the more touch points you have, the harder it is to make sense of all of them on a large scale. allows you to manage and analyze your data across the entire customer journey from one place, for a 360 view of your customers, their habits, and needs.

Built with marketers,
for marketers.

Just because samba is AI-powered doesn’t mean that you have to be. The most successful technologies are those seamlessly built to fit their audience’s needs; that's why samba is easy to use and customize, whatever your marketing dreams.

Why It’s your campaign manager, data analyst, and designer all in one. 

  • Target the right audience. 
    samba’s segmentation capabilities can drill into customer location, purchase habits, and AOV so you can land your message with the right crowd.
  • Sync it all with a click.
    No matter how many channels you use, updating them all is easy with samba’s omnichannel workflow builder.
  • Update your campaigns in real-time.
    samba offers tried and tested dynamic templates to build content really fast, saving you from wasting time and making mistakes.
  • Let samba create campaigns for you.
    Autopilot analyzes your data, finds your most important customers, and then reaches out to them for you, at whatever time intervals you like. Perfect for businesses just starting out.