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Our holistic service includes consultations, training, and bespoke data-modelling from a team whose single purpose is helping your business grow.

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So now you have samba

When your business is growing, there isn’t always time to evaluate campaigns or look for deeper insights. And maybe, it’s not really your thing. That’s where our team of experts comes in.

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Starting out or already established?

Every business is different. Our specialists first analyze your business using a proprietary evaluation framework and then prepare a strategic plan to help you seize all possible opportunities.

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Get your own growth strategy
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Data modelling & bespoke calculations
Omnichannel marketing advice and campaign management from design to post-campaign evaluation
Web personalization with bespoke design and rules to suit your business
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Data modelling

Confused by AI and predictive modelling?

We’ll do all that.

Marketers aren’t data scientists. We know that. Our job is to support your business, anticipate challenges, and discover opportunities, by making all that data mean something. Our team have spent years picking up insights across various business categories including e-commerce and retail, and can tailor prediction models to suit your company’s specific needs.

And since predictive modelling is a little like having a crystal ball (well, almost) samba can help you predict which products will be likely to sell in future, and which segments are growing the fastest for your audience, including or excluding seasonal trends, so that you can always remain in total control of your inventory management.

Marketing advice

Partners from start to finish.

And then again.

From initial setup and analysis, to running your campaign and evaluating its performance, we support you all the way. You’ll receive updates about new features, use cases relevant to your business, and advice on campaign strategies, template building and scenario design, so you can continuously learn from your customers and your campaigns.

For enterprises, we offer special samba training sessions every 2 months. Our experts take you through your data and how you’ve been using samba to show you where you’re missing opportunities, which features you’re not using, or what you should carry on doing more of. You’ll also receive comprehensive guides and documentation. Sound good? We hope so.

"Our collaboration not only led to a significant increase in time efficiency, but we were also surprised at how the predictive algorithm continued to improve. Dentsu’s marketing efforts saw a 180% increase in clicks and a 24% increase in revenue compared to the control group! At the same time, samba was able to reduce the cost per conversion by a third.”

Martin Petera, Lead Project Manager at DENTSU
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