A team of experts,
all dedicated to you.

Our holistic service includes consultations, training, and bespoke data-modelling from a team whose single purpose is helping your business grow.

A unique strategy for your growth.

We respect that every business is different. Our specialists first deeply analyze your business using a proprietary evaluation framework and then prepare a strategic plan to help you seize all possible opportunities.

Predictive Modelling

Your business and your data are unique. We know that and our approach reflects your singularity. Our team of experienced data scientists has spent many years with data modelling in various business areas including e-commerce and retail.

We are ready to tailor our prediction models to your specific needs too. Don’t hesitate to get deeper insights and customized recommendations

"Our collaboration not only led to a significant increase in time efficiency, but we were also surprised at how the predictive algorithm continually improved and the business results along with it.”

Martin Petera, Lead Project Manager, Dentsu
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Customer Success Management

With Samba you are never alone and always have someone to turn to. We take care of you from the very beginning for the entire period of our cooperation. Samba grants you a comprehensive documentation, guides and consultations.

Our specialists are ready to offer a great variety of specific services such as creating campaign strategies from template building to scenario design.

“We chose Samba because it’s a multi-purpose tool and not just a mailing platform. Samba continues to meet our demanding requirements and whenever we needed help figuring something out, their reliable, friendly support was there to assist or provide training.”

Marek Dobry, Brand Manager Heureka.cz
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