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Doing our part to help businesses succeed in an evolving marketplace

Founded in 2012, our initial focus of providing data analysis for businesses culminated in the creation of a predictive model that would help businesses meet customer needs. With those learnings, we created new products that went beyond that scope and focused on utilizing machine learning algorithms in marketing and advertising applications.

Since then, our company has grown and our focus along with it. During our time, we’re proud to have assisted over 1,000 businesses of all sizes and from all industries better meet the specific needs and habits of their customers and clients.

Being on the cutting edge of technology enables us to consistently deliver products that better reflect the demands of an ever-evolving marketplace and empower us to work hand-in-hand with businesses looking to flourish.

We love what we do and we love seeing our passion come to life for businesses around the world.

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Our collaboration not only led to a significant increase in time efficiency, but we were also surprised at how the predictive algorithm continually improved and the business results along with it.

Martin Petera, Lead Project Manager at DENTSU

Our Identity

Latest technology

Just as we encourage our clients to evolve, so do we… constantly.

To ensure our suite of industry-leading marketing automation tools are always on the cutting edge, we utilize the latest technology and best practices available.

Hard work

A little bit of elbow grease goes a long way to getting our platform performing at its best, day in, day out.

We take advantage of leading Project Management tools and processes to ensure our teams are in-sync and consistently delivering high-quality software and services for our clients.

Enjoy life

We know the importance of working hard and balancing that with a healthy and happy life outside of work.

From a strong work-life balance to a fun, relaxed office environment, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver strong results for our users, while maintaining high employee satisfaction.

Great Ideas

Creating an artificial intelligence doesn’t just happen overnight, nor do the algorithms and machinations behind it.

Our company was built on the belief that no idea is a “bad” idea and that everyone has an equal part in the direction of our software and, by extension, our business.


Our determination drives our desire to make sure Samba is always up and running properly, working hard to continually maintain it and ensure it’s bug-free.

Moving forward, we’re dedicated to keep pushing the boundaries of sales & marketing automation to meet the ever-evolving needs of the world of ecommerce.


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