CASE STUDY: Automated Personalization Takes B2B E-commerce Business to New Levels of Customer Service


Czech Republic-based, Baker’s World, is a specialized B2B e-shop dedicated to the sale of baking ingredients and supplies that was struggling to meet the same levels of customer service and personal interaction that a traditional retail shop would have.

Their Challenge

In general, they felt their business was underperforming because they were unequipped to meet the specific needs of their customers, recommending goods that may be of interest to them while they were shopping. With a more optimized and personalized customer approach, they believed their customers would get the same level of service as they’ve come to expect at retail shops.

To that end, they were in search of a tool that would help them fulfill those goals, ultimately resulting in an increase in the number of converting visitors, average order size, and overall shopper satisfaction.

Michal Kubicek, owner of the business, had tried a few SaaS solutions, all of which either proved to be too difficult to use or simply ineffective. Due to the small size of his business, he wanted a "maintenance-free" system that would not require daily administration and which, ideally, would work completely autonomously so he could focus on other facets of the business.

Our Solution, our AI-powered tool for automated, personalized marketing, was deployed and integrated with their e-shop and marketing tools. E-shop personalization was prepared and automated email campaigns for various functions were initialized and started running.

Personalized sections were added to their site, which showcased recommended products selected based on the actions and preferences of the visitor. These sections were added to the main page, on individual product pages, and during checkout.

The emails being used focused on 3 key parameters:

  • An abandoned cart trigger that would alert visitors
  • Recurring purchases that would trigger based on the product’s consumption rate
  • Related products, based on previous orders, were showcased

General marketing emails, which utilize automated, real-time segmentation and messaging, were also set up.

Their Results

Personalization of their website has led to an increase in their conversion rate by almost 7%. The automated personalization emails, have a conversion rate of more than 16% and the automated, real-time marketing emails have a rate of 9%.

While the results were great, what made Samba truly shine for Baker’s World was the time required to operate Samba - only 10 hours in the last year.

Breaking it down:

  • Time to manage Samba = 10 hours / year
  • Open rate for trigger emails = 60.2%
  • Personalization conversion rate = 7%
  • Turnover per e-mail sent = 30 CZK

“When searching for a suitable technology, I tried a number of applications and services, but most of them were complicated, too dependent on advanced knowledge or simply did not prove successful for my business. But Samba came along and fundamentally changed the way we manage communication with our customers today.”

-Michal Kubicek, Owner

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