All you Need to Know About how Samba Works with Cookies


These days, privacy is a crucial thing to consider when it comes to operating an e-shop. When it comes to using Samba, it’s natural to want to better understand how our platform uses cookies and how that will affect your own policies and communications, especially in light of GDPR requirements.

To that end, we’ve put together a brief summary of how Samba works with cookies, which ones we collect, and whether you need to take any special actions related to cookie collection.

How does Samba work?

Samba is a AI-powered platform that autonomously optimizes and manages marketing and e-shop personalization, much of which requires cookies or temporary files that are stored in a visitor's browser.

What cookies does Samba use?

Samba utilizes the following types of cookies:

  • Tracking: these cookies anonymously track visited pages, allowing Samba to customize relevant marketing content for each unique visitor
  • Conversion: these continually analyze the performance of various marketing channels
  • Remarketing: used to personalize the content of email communications, only if the visitor has explicitly consented to it
  • Preferences: these record a visitor's preferences

How long does Samba store cookies?

Samba uses “persistent” cookies, which have an unlimited validity period.

How do we use cookies in Samba?

While our algorithms, and by extension, the functionality of Samba, are powered by cookies, all of the information we collect about customers is anonymous. This means that it is not possible to identify a particular person. In addition, we never provide cookies to third parties, nor do we use them across various e-shops.

Is there a need for special cookie processing?

Not at all. As indicated above, Samba does not combine cookies with other network information to identify a specific customer. Therefore, there’s no “profiling” occurring and you don’t have to take any action in this regard.

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