Discover the benefits of hybrid personalization


You’ve probably heard already, how personalization of your website works and how easily it can get customer shopping experience on the next level. Every time a customer views a section or a product on your website, a tool or software recomputes his visitor profile and predicts the most relevant content based on previous behaviour, purchases and other details.

So, for example, when visiting an e-shop with pet supplies, dog owners never receive a recommendation to buy a scratching post for cats. On the contrary, they will be offered to buy chewing toys or other equipment suitable for their dogs – all according to the customer’s previous behaviour.

Samba provides all this immediately, thanks to a unique real-time analytical engine. Besides that, Samba has one more advantage over other similar tools. It is not limited to a minimal number of monthly visitors in order to provide relevant personalization.

Don’t let yourself be limited by the number of visitors

Purely A.I. based personalization has one drawback. Meaningful and relevant predictions require relatively high numbers of page visitors. This might limit A.I. performance for landing pages or brand microsites which aren’t so frequently visited.

Samba offers an elegant solution, though. It's called a hybrid personalization.

The hybrid personalization provides every single web page visitor with a fully personalized customer experience. It allows you to create business rules and teach A.I. algorithms what to do to the website or eshop if a customer made a certain individual action. This is a very similar principle to marketing scenarios, you are surely familiar with.

Also, you can specify requirements about content, product or part of your offer you want to promote. That is because Samba supports rule-based boosting, allowing you to easily set up individual rules like promoting high margin products first or display  high discount products to price-sensitive customers.

Personalization has never been easier and more accessible to a truly wide range of pages and microsites. Now you don’t have to feel the limits of other personalization tools and can start your path to great customer experience with the simple-to-implement Samba.

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