Enhanced Email Flexibility for Samba Enterprise Users

June 27, 2019

There are so many things to consider when you’re creating and executing your email and newsletter campaigns. From responsive design to optimized subject lines, there’s a science to making sure your communication is positioned to succeed.

To that end, we’re happy to announce a new update for Samba Enterprise users that will make their campaigns even more effective and user-friendly and give them more robust customization options to better meet the needs of their different customers.


Samba Enterprise users now have the ability to hide specific elements of content from their emails or newsletters based on whether they’re being viewed on a desktop or mobile device, paving the way for a more optimized, conversion-friendly experience.

Since emails can be radically different across different devices, having the option to easily hide specific content allows for better readability, improved usability, and targeted content.

Best of all, this feature is now live and accessible directly from the built-in email editor.

Here’s where you’ll find it:

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