Give your Sales a Boooost this Halloween


Get ready for Halloween with these 7 pun-filled Sales tricks and treats that are sure to get you some frightfully amazing sales.

#1: Select products.

Just because it’s Halloween doesn’t mean you need to have or sell strictly Halloween-themed products. Think outside the jack-o-lantern and try to identify crossover and Halloween-related items that people will be interested. Think in terms of color (e.g. black, purple, orange), utility (i.e. can my product be part of a costume), needs (i.e. sheets, , or anything else that may make an item desirable. Really, the only requirement Halloween demands of you is some sales creativity. Here's some inspiration.

#2: Show your products in action

Give some inspiration and breathe Halloween life into your products by showing your customers how they can use your products for the occasion. Fulfill their needs or spooky desires in new, creative ways and the products will make like a ghost and fly off your shelf.

#3: Knock on the right "doors"

Create Halloween-targeted segments and related campaigns that connect with your products. Parents with children want costumes, sweets, and spooky decor ideas. People without children may be preparing for a Halloween party or trying to win a Haunted House competition. Considering the cyclical nature of holidays, don’t forget to remind those who purchased from you last year because they may want to repeat their purchase.

#4: Have the best treats on the block

In the spirit of the holiday, give your customers a little something extra in their Halloween basket. From discount coupons to a free promotional gift, Halloween is a fantastic opportunity to create deeper connections and more satisfied customers by utilizing some creative and cur. Don’t just sell, sell, sell, but have some fun with it.

#5: Email is just part of the puzzle

Don't plan for the extent of your marketing to be just an email campaign that runs during the week of Halloween. Expand your scope and develop a monthly marketing plan that works across all available channels - social media, advertising, newsletters, etc.

#6: Don't take it too seriously

Use Halloween-inspired motifs and/or color combinations to get into the spirit of Halloween. Try to infuse the holiday into your visual branding, customizing your logo, integrating custom banners, or spook-up your email/newsletter template. Looking for inspiration? Be sure to explore Pinterest.

#7: Trick or treat, give me something good to read

Like a famished vampire, a boring or uninspired email subject will suck the blood out of your campaign. Have fun with your writing, catching the eyes of those targeted ghouls and ghosts. Don’t forget to employ “last chance” communications leading up to the 31st, for all of those last minute Halloween shoppers.

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