Increase the Average Order Value Generated from your Emails with this Simple Trick

June 27, 2019

Samba's artificial intelligence is able to automatically evaluate which products your customers will like most and are most likely to purchase, all in real time. If you have an e-shop with a large product range, Samba will not only help optimize this process, but can also help increase the average order value generated from your email campaigns.

Increase AOV

AOV or Average Order Value has a very long history in marketing because it’s a simple, yet effective means of evaluating customers, marketing efforts, and pricing strategies. Since increasing AOV, versus increasing traffic, is generally cheap or costs nothing, trying to keep AOV as high as possible, through continual growth, is a priority for every e-shop. But that begs the question: are you working with the AOV of your e-shop?

When you get down to it, increasing your AOV can be accomplished in a number of ways, perhaps the most common is extending the product portfolio from which customers can buy from, but this requires relatively long-term work in both sales & marketing and brand building.

But with Samba you can increase AOV relatively easily and quickly.

Cooperating with Artificial Intelligence

Samba's artificial intelligence selects personalized, highly-relevant products for each of your customers and automatically includes them in emails or e-shop widgets. Samba evaluates that relevancy in real time based on a variety of advanced metrics and customer behavior, resulting in products that have the best chance of getting that customer to not only convert but increase the amount they’re purchasing.

If you have a large number of products within a higher price range that you wish to offer, you can manually set different filters that will guide Samba's product selection towards those items. For instance, while Samba can easily evaluate that a given customer would like a particular add-on product that retails for a few dollars, you may prefer that customer bypass the inexpensive add-ons and check out a selection of more expensive products.

While in most cases it is best to leave everything to Samba, it’s sometimes prudent to set certain limitations that will go a long way to increasing AOV. Setup is simple in both standard custom capaigns and in advanced flow campaigns.

Settings - Samba and Samba Enterprise

While establishing the rule for increasing AOV can be set in all Samba accounts, Samba Enterprise users have more advanced options with the main difference being that non-Enterprise users can only set the rule within custom campaigns, while Enterprise users can also use it in flow campaigns.

With that said, what’s the actual trick? It’s simple. To increase your AOV simply set Samba to only select products from a given price level. It can be 5 dollars or even 50 dollars or more. It depends on the marketing plan you have with each respective campaign, but by setting a price level limit, you will effectively increase your average order value.

Settings Price Levels via Custom Campaigns

The standard way of establishing price levels for Samba to work with is done within the settings of each custom campaign, found under Settings > Detail Settings > Product Filter. From there, you can choose not only “More Than” as a given minimum price for a product selected by Samba, but you can also define a range, setting the upper limit as well.

Step-by-step in Samba (via Custom Campaign settings)

To provide a bit of clarity, we’ve put together the step-by-step process of creating a new campaign utilizing only products selling for over $100.

You can also view the entire process in the following video:

Step 1 - Navigate to Custom Campaigns and click the “Create campaign” button

Step 2 - Click the “Settings” button of the newly-created campaign

Step 3 - From the “Settings”, click on “Detail settings” at the bottom to access the advanced settings

Step 4 - Modify the price levels via the Product Filter options

Step 5 - Utilize a variety of filter options to achieve your goals

Step-by-step in Samba Enterprise (via Flow Campaigns)

Samba Enterprise offers users a more advanced means of working with this setting via Flow Campaigns. To show you how it’s done, here are the specific steps you would need to take if you were to create a product filter for a flow campaign that features products over $100.

You can also view the entire process on the video:

Step 1 - Navigate to Flow Campaigns and click the “Create campaign” button

Step 2 - Click the “Design flow” button

Step 3 - From within the flow, click the “+” button

Step 4 - Select “E-mail” from the available Channel options

Step 5 - From the Products settings, create a new segment with the follow criteria “Price (Selling)”, “More Than”, and “100” (this value is only used in our example).

Simple, Effective Means of Increasing AOV

As seen from the previous examples, despite manually setting limits, Samba’s artificial intelligence is still going to do the vast majority of the work for you, but with this you can have complete control over the specific products targeted within each personalized email or widget.

In this tutorial, we've discussed the possibilities of making your marketing efforts even more efficient by using a simple setting that will effectively increase AOV, while maintaining Samba’s ability to continually evaluate and execute real-time, personalized campaigns.

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