Introducing new Essentials!

min is an AI-powered marketing automation and personalization platform that helps you set your campaigns according to your needs or simply run your activities on autopilot. With Essentials, you can orchestrate email campaigns according to the preferences of your audience segments, launch push notifications, or let machine learning do all the job for you.’s drag&drop menu makes any email campaign creation a breeze and offers a plethora of solutions on how to address particular segments of your audience with the right personalized content. As eCommerce has become an extremely competitive field, knowing your customers is crucial in the strive for success. And this is precisely what you get with Essentials gives you:

  • AI Data analytics with Autopilot
  • Basic audience exploration
  • Standard email campaigns
  • Trigger e-mail campaigns
  • Advanced e-mail automation
  • Dynamic A/B testing
  • Push notifications
  • Web personalization

What are the new terms of cooperation within Essentials?

From September 1st 2021, you’ll be allowed to use improved functionalities based on even more clear conditions. The new pricing is based on monthly subscriptions with limitations for the number of contacts and e-mail or push messages (it’s 10 messages per contact!).

*Limitation for e-mails and push notifications. SMS are charged separately based on individual pricing.

**Prices already include 15% of total discounts for allowing to provide references, case studies, and offline branding (check dictionary in a detailed pricing document below).

For being sure that your scheduled campaigns will not be  stopped because of the limits, Samba will automatically charge overlimits and you can decide whether you want to change your plan for a higher tier or stay at current one and pay additional fees. This means that you’re now gaining the flexibility of customizing your budget according to the actual situation.

What will be the course of the migration?

Migration will happen automatically on September 1st, 2021, which means that you don’t need to do anything. Just log into Samba on the day, choose your plan, check out the conditions, and start your eCommerce growth with new Essentials’ possibilities! :)

How will the changes affect my current cooperation with Samba?

You’ll still be able to use just like you used to before the changes occured. The only differences are placed in improved functionalities and some of the Terms of Services conditions changed according to the  new pricing model.  We have conducted deep analytical research on how you are using Samba’s apps and how much you need the assistance of our support consultants. The results have led us to change the way our communication channels will operate for each version of  

Will all my current settings and integrations be kept intact?

Yes, of course they will. Our goal is to help you improve your eCommerce performance, so all of  your old campaigns will be available on the new Essentials or Enterprise platforms. Besides, we are providing improvements with product and best practice guides.

Where can I find new pricing and Terms of Service documents?

You can find all the details in this blog post or also you can also use direct links to pricing and TOS documents below:

How can I get in touch with and ask about new plans?

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have at a webinar we are organising - the event will take place on August 18. However if you have important questions which cannot wait, feel free to contact us by:

  • E-mail address:
  • LiveChat in the app

You may also quickly resolve your issue by checking our FAQ dedicated to new versions.

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