Get Visitors that Stay Longer and Convert with Personalization


Keeping a visitor engaged with your e-shop and shopping longer is not an easy proposition. Surveys show that you have about 6 page views before that visitor is thinking about, or already in the process of, leaving your site.

When you consider the short amount of time you have to make your offer, it makes perfect sense to ensure it’s the offer they’re most interested in - that’s where personalization comes in.

Personalizing their shopping experience

When a customer finally visits your site, they’re already in the thick of their customer journey, meaning they have an idea of what they want, they just need you to deliver on that.

Personalization achieves that, selecting items based on what they’ve already shown an interest in and recommending other alternatives, in real time, even based on the choices of similar customer segments and personas. By doing so, you greatly increase the chance of keeping the customer on your e-shop and increasing your average order value.

Marketing automation is the key

Marketing automation and optimization platform, Samba, can automatically and continuously execute e-shop personalization, using all the knowledge it has gathered about the customer.

It learns not only about their behavior on the e-shop, but also about which email campaigns have been the most effective and how much they resemble other customers. As a result, it is always gaining more data for its decision-making, refining its processes and outcomes, and doing so with little to no input from you.

Samba includes 3 advanced personalization modules:

  • One that automatically recommends products on the home page of the e-shop
  • A second that recommends suitable alternatives to the currently displayed product in the product detail
  • A third that recommends products that a customer can buy together with the displayed product

Want to learn more about getting started with Samba Personalization? Check out our Knowledge Center for more information.

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