Samba brings a revolution in push notification targeting

May 12, 2020

Don’t think push notifications are useless, they have a number of advantages. When you send them to the browser, they will appear directly on the recipients’ screen within a few seconds with 100% deliverability. It is a highly efficient tool that, according to our data, can add up to 7% of turnover when used properly. Until recently, there was one drawback which Samba managed to overcome. So, if you’ve been hesitant so far, now is the time to start using push notifications.

Competitive tools allow you either to reach all subscribers with push campaigns or have only a limited number of manually defined groups you need toupdate regularly. Tiresome, isn’t it? And not just for you but also for an audience that may be bothered by annoying irrelevant messages because of the inability to target properly. Thanks to Samba, this problem is a thing of the past. Samba now allows you to define your audience dynamically based on the data we have about the recipients.How does it work?

Imagine you need to reach only people who haven’t bought from you for more than a month. Why send an email which many recipients don’t even open? Send them a push notification with a discount coupon. They just won’t miss the message. They will receive that almost immediately on their screen and after a short time they can be sifting through your e-shop already.

If you need to approach only customers who regularly buy vitamins and food supplements, it’s again Samba who is going to help you.Appreciate the customers care about their health and link them to e.g. a thematic landing page where they can get inspired to care about prevention and a healthy lifestyle even more.

As you can see, reaching the relevant audience with Samba has never been easier. Using dynamic data for push notifications is a unique andreliable way to get your offer in a few seconds to the customers whoreally appreciate that.

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