Samba News - April 2019

May 27, 2019

Samba News - April 2019

Samba just got even better!

This April brought with it the winds of change for Samba with not only a reclassification of YOTTLY and Virtua into Samba Enterprise, but a host of new features, bug fixes, and overall improvements and optimizations.

Advanced Analytics

We’re happy to announce that all Samba Enterprise users will now have access to enhanced, advanced analytics, giving them a new, highly-detailed means of analyzing and visualizing data from all of their available data sources.

With this new enhancement, users will be able to dig even deeper and better understand even the most complex metrics. With intuitive, dynamic graphs and tables, you’ll be able to better dissect and analyze the various dependencies, causalities, and correlations and then use this information to better optimize your business and sales.

Facebook Custom Audiences for Flow Campaigns

Samba Enterprise now supports a means of enhancing your Facebook Ad campaigns with custom audiences based on Samba’s artificial intelligence. To get started, all you have to do is connect your Facebook Ad account to Samba via your Samba settings and give it access to create custom audiences for your ads.

As a result of this, you’ll be able to transfer an existing audience from Samba to your Facebook Ads account.

This opens up a world of possibilities, for example, from Samba you can take an audience composed of all customers who have bought a particular product from a particular category in a certain time period and move it to Facebook, with a single click, and then create a customized ad crafted for and targeted to that particular segment via Facebook Ads.

Improved Custom Parameters

It’s now possible to break custom parameters down even further by creating multiple values for a particular attribute. While previously only one value for each attribute was possible, now you can set multiple values.

For example, if you want to break an attribute down that is based on animal type, where it was possible to only choose a dog or a cat, now you can choose both or even more, assigning each one to one individual value.

Newly-added custom product parameters provide users more flexibility when creating audiences. For example, you can now easily filter out customers who have bought some red goods or black clothing. While Samba's artificial intelligence has worked with these qualities before, this provides users with a manual means of doing so on their own.

While custom parameters can be applied to all goods, the attributes included must be an existing part of Samba's data feeds.

New Features in Flow Campaigns

When working with flow campaigns, you can now save and reuse segments, giving you a more intuitive, user-friendly means of constructing campaigns. Both saving or loading a segment requires a simple click of a button (see the image below) and is available for all modules in flow campaigns.

In the E-mail module of flow campaigns, you can now, in the second step, limit the products that will be included in personalized emails based on category, giving you more flexibility over the overall selection of products in your emails.

By default, it’s set to display a maximum of 2 products from the same category, which is the recommended value, and you can segment the selection criteria even further with the available filters.

Example: You’re set to send an email regarding a sale you’re currently having and want to offer up some personalized products selected by Samba’s artificial intelligence. Since your sale is only on a certain category of products, you can have Samba select sale products only from that category of goods.

However, be careful not to set too many filters or Samba will be too limited in its available options and won’t be able to populate your emails as you intend. A typical mistake would be limiting Samba to choose from a category that has only one or two products. Therefore, filtering should be carefully considered to ensure Samba's artificial intelligence has a good selection to choose from for each individual customer.

In an effort to prevent a recipient from receiving an empty email or one with very few items, when Samba can’t identify any items based on your filters it will automatically fill out the email with personalized products that aren’t an exact match but as closely match those filters as possible.

Lastly, users now have the ability to easily search for a particular campaign among all saved flow campaigns. To do so, the Flow Campaigns section contains a large search box that allows you to search for campaign flows by name

Coming Soon

We’re currently testing a new optimization in our artificial intelligence algorithms and early results show up to 17% higher levels of customer interest. As we continue to test and optimize it, you can start looking forward to even better sales and customer satisfaction very soon!

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