Samba News - February 2020


February 2020 is Packed Full of Samba News!

February proved to be a busy month for Samba. During this time, we introduced a variety of new additions and improvements, including more advanced options with our cross-system editor, updated push notification capabilities, and a new accelerator.

Beyond that, Samba experienced innovations in its advanced Business Insights analytics, where new reports, as well as new features and metrics for existing reports, were added.

To learn more about everything that happened this past month, read on!

Push Notification Testing Directly within Browsers

Samba’s Push Notification functionality is quickly becoming a very efficient and effective tool for communicating with customers. Up until now, users were able to conveniently capture approval for push notifications and subsequently issue them, but weren’t able to see what those push notifications looked like in a live environment.

That’s changed, as we’ve now added the possibility for users to test what push notifications will look like in real conditions and not have to only rely on the samples generated within the editor (Windows and macOS).

The option to view a live sample of a push notification is a button click away. Users can simply click the “Send the Test Notification now” button and the notification will be displayed directly in their active browser window.

Push Notifications Can Now Include a Picture

Sticking with push notifications, if you’ve already created and issued one via Samba at some point up until now, you may have seen or even used the option for adding a logo, which would ultimately appear next to the text of the notification itself.

Well, we’ve now expanded that functionality to include the possibility of using a large image, which can be included using a fixed URL (in the future, images will be able to be stored on our servers). Please note, the image must have a 2:1 aspect ratio to avoid distortion, with an ideal resolution being 720 x 360 pixels.

Push Campaign Statistics Added to the Dashboard

In the last bit of Push Notification news, you can now view the performance of your push notification efforts directly from your Dashboard statistics. This includes how many have actually been sent, delivery rates, and click-through rates (CTR). You can find this, along with a variety of other statistics, by clicking “Show Detailed Reports”.

Advanced Editor Added to Shopping Intention Trigger Campaigns

We’ve continued in our efforts to implement our new advanced editor throughout Samba’s various functions. Like we’ve done previously with Flow Campaigns and Repeat Order triggered campaigns, we’ve now added this amazing, easy-to-use feature to Shopping Intention triggered campaigns as well.

View All Email Templates at Once

We’ve also made another update to the advanced editor, which is a modification to which templates are displayed in the Template Manager. Now templates from both the older Picasso editor and the new advanced editor are shown, allowing you access to all of the templates you’ve created all in one place. In addition, you can still duplicate, edit, delete, or archive any and all of them.

New Report: Solvency Insights

The latest report added to Samba’s Business Insights is Solvency Insights, which goes into great detail about your customers’ “solvency”, including how much they spend and then grouping them into three categories: Rich, Standard, and Economy.

Thanks to the report, you can easily monitor the behavior of these groups within the individual product categories you have in your e-shop. You can quickly and easily find out what goods are preferred by which group and use that data for communications, campaigns, marketing, and business decisions. Everything in the report is fully interactive and a solvency filter is available for use in your campaigns directly.

New Report: Questions & Answers

Another powerful report added to Business Insights was Questions & Answers. This handy tool allows you to type out insights-related queries and Samba will be able to automatically interpret your request and deliver the information you need in the form of a graph or table. This means users can plot their graphs the way makes sense to their needs and/or interests.

The system understands a wide variety of associated words/terminology and how they connect, while at the same time providing you with real-time autofill options for identified terms.

Business Performance Insights: Subcategory View and Improved Map

The Business Performance Insights’ main report has also seen an improvement, which is the inclusion of viewing revenue by subcategory. Now users can dig even deeper, that much more rapidly, to get the information they need.

In addition, we’ve also implemented minor visualization improvements to the map.

Purchase Frequency Insights: Funnel Visualization Added

In the Purchase Frequency Insights report, we've created a new, easy-to-use funnel of how many customers have purchased from your e-shop only once, twice, and so on. This makes it easier to visualize the gaps between individual order counts, which is important for analyzing and subsequently working with retention.

Cohort Chart & Matrix: New Metrics Added and More Detailed History

When it comes to the Cohort Chart Insights report, we’ve added a lot of new metrics that can be tracked and analyzed both within the graph and within individual tables. These include:

  • Average Solvency Score per Customer
  • Average Expected Transactions per Customer
  • Average Predictive CLV per Customer
  • Average Next Predicted Purchase per Customer
  • Average RFM Score per Customer Filtered
  • Female / Male Ratio
  • Email Subscribers Ratio
  • Average Number of Unique Items per Customer
  • Number of Customers

At the same time, you can now choose to track your history by days, giving you more depth and accuracy. So while previously a given customer group (cohort) could only be tracked on a monthly basis, it is now possible to accurately track behavior by specifying the days from the first purchase. This value can be set in the upper bar, as shown in the image below.

Location Insights: New Countries and Filtration Options

In the Location Insights report, it’s now possible to display orders from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary, while filtering by country, region, city, and municipality in table mode as well as colored blocks representing share split.

New Accelerator: Seasonal Campaigns and Samba Calendar for 2020

It’s all too vital for e-shops to take advantage of the different marketing “waves” and seasonal opportunities that arise during a given year. For the savviest businesses, those opportunities don’t only amount to major holidays but also include a variety of other important or standout days and always demand ample preparation and strategy.

In our new accelerator, Seasonal Campaigns, we focus specifically on this, providing a host of tips for both one-time and regular seasonal campaigns and how to better prepare, what to focus on, and more. Best of all, if you’re a Samba Enterprise user, our accelerators are free to use and you can check them out, along with our catalog of other accelerators, right now.

But that’s not all! In addition, we’ve prepared for our users a marketing Samba calendar (PDF), where we’ve listed all of the major holidays and other important and globally-recognized holidays as well. No matter how crazy it may sound, a holiday always presents an opportunity to be clever and create an engaging marketing campaign :)

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