Samba News - January 2020

January 28, 2020

Kicking off 2020 with exciting new features!

Our resolution for 2020 was simple - to keep our momentum going and get right back to working on great new features and functionality for Samba. Through it all, we’ve had a singular focus on continuing to improve performance and efficiency for our users, in hopes of helping deliver them a year full of growth and success.

To that end, we spent much of December and early January working on improving aspects of Samba’s design and related functionality to make it easier for users to more effectively manage their campaigns and track statistics. So how did we close out the year and get started on the next? Read on to find out!

Advanced Template Editor for Repeat Orders Trigger

Samba’s Repeat Orders trigger is great for customers who regularly buy the same goods on a somewhat regular basis. With it, Samba will automatically monitor and adapt to the habits of each individual customer, notifying them by email that it’s time to reorder when a particular consumable item is predicted to run out.

Previously, the template for this trigger could only be designed within the built-in Picasso Editor, but now users can use a more advanced editor, which comes complete with a host of new features. Best of all, all templates are now completely optimized for all devices.

Moving forward, all other triggered campaigns will be gradually migrated to this new editor and, in addition, it will soon be included for use in all Custom Campaigns as well.

New Warning System for Concurrent Push Notification Campaigns

Push notifications are a highly effective means of connecting and communicating with users who have already subscribed. Previously, running two Push Notification campaigns to the same audience concurrently would cause an error within Samba and for good reason.

The spacing between push campaigns, at a minimum, must be one day and now Samba will automatically warn you if and when this happens, giving you the option to pause your existing push campaign and plan your scheduling differently. Please note, despite there being a minimum of one day, it’s still highly recommended that you only send, at most, one push notification to a given customer each week.

Import Coupons with an Expiration Date

Using a .csv file, you can now easily import coupons with different expiration dates. The structure is quite simple - the first column is the coupon code and the second column lists that coupon’s expiration date.

By including an expiration date directly into your .csv, you can save time by uploading all of your coupons at once, with no need to manually set expiration dates for each. To help, users can also now find an included formatting tip, which will provide guidance on how their file should be properly formatted for the importing process.

Lastly, we’ve now added an automatic check to detect any problems for each import, as well as information about the number of duplicated or skipped coupons that may have expired or are missing a date.

Anonymized Data for Increased Security

To increase security, especially for our larger customers who have Samba managed by external agencies, freelancers, etc., we’ve introduced a security feature in the form of anonymized data.

By using it, you can block certain Samba users from seeing the entirety of your customers’ email addresses and being able to export any of them from Samba.

New Samba Accelerators

We’ve prepared two new accelerators for our Samba Enterprise users: Facebook Audiences and Customer Database.

In Facebook Audiences, you can read in detail how to use this functionality in Samba and how to work with it directly on Facebook, including guidance on the first steps to creating a Facebook ad campaign. Included are detailed, step-by-step instructions and tips on how to get the most out of Facebook Audiences, acquiring new customers that are highly relevant and have a high chance to convert.

The Customer Database accelerator deals with the customer database itself, focusing on how to work with and care for it. You’ll learn more about the important task of regularly checking, cleaning, and upkeeping your database, avoiding any associated issues that could arise and impede your ability to execute your campaigns. In addition, there are various tips and tricks to improve your database-related efforts.

Business Insights Improvements

When it comes to our advanced Business Insights reporting tool, we spent the last month or so focused on fine-tuning all of our current reports.

For instance, the RFM Distribution Insights report received a facelift for both the overview of the values ​​in the left-hand column and in the histograms themselves. With that, they now automatically adjust so you can see more of your values with​​in a full range.

We’ve also optimized the performance of all reports, meaning they’ll now load faster even for very large databases and data histories.

We look forward to seeing you at Reshoper 2020!

On Thursday, January 30, 2020, we’ll be attending the largest Czech e-commerce conference, Reshoper, which will be held at the PVA Expo Prague.

If you’re attending, we’d love to see you at booth 64 :)

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