Samba News - March 2020


Even though our team is affected by coronavirus, just like many other companies in the world, we are diligently working on making a better marketing tool and making your campaigns more effective and efficient, especially in a difficult situation like this.

In case you need any help with e-commerce marketing, we are ready to provide help from consultants and agencies all across the world to ensure you get the best results, using new strategies and campaigns.

Here on the blog, you can also find a great series containing tips and tricks on how to deal with the situation yourself and use it as an opportunity to grow your business.

Updated Abandoned cart trigger

Abandoned cart trigger is very useful for almost every e-shop you can imagine. If used correctly, it can save a high percentage of sales that would be lost otherwise. The latest version of introduced a set of new settings and improvements available for both, Platinum and Enterprise users.

Thanks to the new functionalities you can set up a series of notifications, every single one of them using a unique segmentation and timing. If you like to use flow campaigns, the triggers now act exactly in the same manner. Better customer audience definition enables you to achieve a higher open rate, CTR and therefore, conversions.

For example - you can prepare a unique Abandoned cart trigger based on the product category and edit the subject and design of the email accordingly. Let's imagine you own an online shop in the pet segment. If a customer puts a dog-related article in his cart, but does not buy it in the end and leaves your e-shop a trigger would be started 8 hours later. The subject would be "Your good boy/girl will be sad that you forgot to buy this" with dog-related graphics all around.

Thanks to the fact that you can define abandoned cart audiences based on both - product and customer data, you can be creative.

Modern design for filtering

March also marks another big milestone for user interface improvements in Samba as a new interface for customer and product filtering has been introduced, unifying and simplifying work with filters all across the application.

Filters are now grouped based on categories, ensuring you will always find what you need easily. And if you can't, there's still a search button.

Upgraded integration settings design

To ensure that integration is as simple as possible with we updated the structure and design of the entire Integration section. You can reach the updated section by clicking Settings in the upper right corner of the Samba interface.

Number of subscribers to push notifications

Push notifications are still a priority for us as they are becoming more and more popular in the e-commerce community.

This time we included a counter of subscribers to the dashboard to ensure you always know how big your database is. Just to remind you, you can also find CTR statistics here to evaluate how successful your push campaigns are.

More effective teamwork

If there are more Samba administrators in your company, it's sometimes helpful to have the ability to share links to campaigns directly. This is now easier as ever. Even though the receiver has to log-in to reach the campaign, he/she will reach the linked campaign directly - no need to search for it or click the link.

New report – Root Cause Analysis

A new report "Root Cause Analysis" just landed into Business Insights section and we are sure it will help you with the evaluation of data from your e-shop.

Most of the reports in Samba have been tailored for a certain area to ensure the best possible visualization is always used and data is easily understandable and usable to improve your e-shop performance. In the case of the "Root Cause Analysis" report, your options are much wider than before and you have the opportunity to explore the data in any way you'd like.

The entire report is contained from several layers which you can edit based on your need. Every block represents metrics, but also data sources, their sections and connections.

Thanks to this you can, for example, find out, what was your most successful product in the "Champions" RFM category based in Brno, all during March this year. There are so many combinations! Just imagine - there are over 30 data sources you can combine with more than 19 different metrics.

Does this seem complicated? Don't get discouraged. Everything can be set up with just a few clicks and if you still have any issues, there is still our support and consulting teams to help you.

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