Samba News - May 2019

June 27, 2019

Samba News - May 2019

With the introduction of a whole new website and revised logo, May has proven to be quite a momentous month for Samba and that’s not even counting all the improvements our users have experienced on our platform.

But before we get to talking about those update, we first have to ask, how do you like the new toucan? :)

Smart Targeting Gets More Advanced

When it comes to creating Custom Campaigns, Samba’s Smart Targeting system harnesses the power of artificial intelligence and automatically selects the most optimal audience, based on customer interests and shopping history, to target for a particular campaign.

We’ve now expanded our Smart Targeting functionality to allow for manual segmentation based on criteria such as product categories, product tags, and other parameters that will provide you with more refined control over Samba's automated personalization. You can also filter based on customer criteria such as how often they’ve shopped, demographics, etc. and manually adjust how many individuals are targeted, and by extension, the overall relevance of the campaign.

To learn more about how to work with these filters, have a look at out our blog where we cover how to find and target the ideal customer.

Easily Send Multiple Segmented Emails with Multi-campaigns

To improve the efficiency and flexibility of campaigns, we’ve now added the ability to easily send multiple campaigns in a single day. We call them Multi-campaigns and they allow for slight variations, including product selection, header image, and email subject, in a series of segmented emails that ensure each customer gets an offer that’s relevant to them.

Best of all, setting them up is easy as pie or cake, depending on which idiom segment you fall into, and offers up even more benefits beyond an increase in customer satisfaction and revenue. Learn more about them here.

New Grid Configurations for Email Templates

Did you want even MORE flexibility in how you construct your email templates in Samba’s built-in email editor, Picasso? If so, your wish has been granted.

Picasso now offers new grid formats that make it possible to split the composition of your selected products into even more configurations. Samba will still dynamically adjust to whichever configuration you choose, selecting the most relevant products and positioning them in the most optimal places within your composition.

Getting into the Flow with Samba’s Improved Flow Campaigns

One of our priorities moving forward is further expanding and improving Samba’s Flow Campaign capabilities, with one of the first improvements being the implementation of a completely revamped design.

As part of this revamp, users can currently enjoy an improved user experience in both the Flow Campaign’s results list and the trigger settings panel, which now features a more intuitive collapsing side menu.

Ultimately, our aim is to continue making creating and modifying flow campaigns that much easier and faster.

For example, from the advanced settings you can now choose to execute a portion of a Flow Campaign periodically according to a variety of different parameters.

Expanded Name Day Customer Filtering

Just a few weeks back, we added the option for users to filter customers based on Name Days, allowing for the option of crafting specialized campaigns that took advantage of that fact. Due to the positive feedback of that filter, we went to work expanding the functionality of it and we’re happy to announce that users can now filter based on the number of days until a name day occurs.

This filter is completely optional, yet opens up new, more creative means of connecting with your users and providing engaging, highly-relevant campaigns.

Improved Support with the Integration of Intercom

In the past few weeks, you may have noticed an interesting new icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your Samba panel. That button opens up Samba’s Intercom panel and gives you access to new support options, including the ability to directly access our Knowledge Base and blog articles and connect directly, via chat, with one of our support agents.

With this new functionality, we hope to better serve you and keep you up to date with all the latest Samba news and updates. In the future, you can expect expanded functionality including more articles to help you get the answers you need, when you need them.

Further Improvements & Optimizations

  • New Product Filter: Current Price
  • New Product Filter: Discount (%), Sale (%)
  • Flow Campaigns: A / B split now supports up to 10 splits
  • Web personalization now supports foreign currencies
  • New Sign-off and Double Opt-in Languages ​​(DE, HU, RO, PL)
  • The customer attribute can now be embedded in UTM
  • Facebook Custom Campaigns: Only the user accounts that have access to the Facebook Business Manager will be shown as connected within Samba’s settings
  • Additional minor updates

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