Samba News - October 2019

November 19, 2019

During the month of October, we were able to introduce a host of new features and  improvements for Samba, some big and some small, all of which will make it easier to work with, administer, and build more intricate campaigns in Samba.

Improved Menu Structure

The left-hand menu, which includes the individual functions of Samba, has now been overhauled, offering an optimized structure that is now more-effectively categorized. With that, you can now manually select between two modes: Collapsed, where the individual parts will be displayed only when the mouse hovers over it, or Open, where the menu is continually displayed.

Screenshot of Collapsed menu format

Screenshot of Open menu format

Optimized Flow Campaign Management

Viewing, organizing, and working with your Flow Campaigns has just gotten easier. Now they can be easily filtered by date, searched through, and you can toggle to view only activated or paused campaigns. With that, detailed statistics of the campaigns are more readily available and there’s now a means of bookmarking archived flow campaigns, which really comes in handy when you want to keep a repository of saved, yet inactive campaigns that are easily accessible for future purposes.

Another exciting addition is the possibility to duplicate flow campaigns between different e-shops. Thanks to this functionality, you can easily and seamlessly copy and adopt those effective, proven flow campaigns across all of your e-shops, like those used for different countries. In this case, you only have to make certain language adjustments, like those used for the email subject and body text, which is easily accomplished within the email editor.

New Built-in Template Management Interface for Flow Campaigns

When constructing your flow campaign, you can now seamlessly integrate previously-made email templates by clicking the “Template Manager” button. Quickly search, filter, sort, edit, or replicate email templates.

With that, you’ll have the ability to save created templates directly from the Template Manager and can also copy and send any template to another e-shop that’s being managed under your account.

New Filter: First Order Date

With the addition of the new First Order Date filter, customers can now be filtered based on when they first placed an order. For example, a great use of this filter would be if a customer made their first purchase in October and haven’t purchased anything since, you can prepare a campaign that tries to rekindle their recent interest and get them shopping again utilizing a special offer, discount, coupon, etc.

New Filter: RFM Groups

We’re very excited to introduce a new filter that utilizes a core marketing principle, RFM (Recency, Frequency, Monetary). Through that filter, Samba can now analyze an entire customer database and perform an RFM analysis, segmenting individual customers based on their RFM metrics. In addition to filtering based on the scores themselves, users can also segment based on a classical RFM hierarchy that contains 11 cohort groups:

  • Champions
  • Loyal Customers
  • Potential Loyalists
  • New Customers
  • Promising
  • Needs Attention
  • About to Sleep
  • At Risk
  • Cannot Lose Them
  • Hibernating
  • Lost

Specific details on configuration, the algorithms being used, weights, and tips for communicating and working with each RFM type are all available in our upcoming Accelerator, which will soon be available for our Samba Enterprise users.

Improved Analytics for Welcome Campaigns

Within the Detailed Statistics section of the Dashboard, you can now access analytics regarding your Welcome Campaigns, which includes how many times a pop-up has been shown, how many of those have been filled in, how many users have confirmed their email address, coupon usage, and much more.

Expanded Geodatabase

Samba’s geodatabase has been expanded and is now even more precise with its targeting and performance for visitors to your site. More specifically, the geodatabase now recognizes even smaller municipalities, allowing for messaging that can be much more relevant.

A typical use case for this feature is when you would want to display a special banner on the main page of your e-shop for visitors from a specific region, attracting new users or existing customers to come to your newly-opened retail store or for a sale at an existing one.

New Reports in Business Insights

For those who haven’t used it yet, Samba’s Business Insights is an advanced feature available only in Samba Enterprise and provides users with a smart “superstructure” encompassing all the data from your e-shop, retail shops, and virtually any other data source available to your company. It provides a comprehensive view of relevant statistics, KPIs, predictions, events, reports, and more, with complete interactivity and exporting features.

As part of that, we’re continually creating new reports and are happy to announce the recent addition of 4 new reports to the existing catalog, which already includes Business Performance Insights, Ecommerce Insights, Campaigns Insights, Deliverability Insights, RFM Insights, Forecast Insights, Purchase Insights, and Customer Insights.

RFM Distribution Insights

Location Insights

Cohort Orders Insights

Cohort AOV Insights

For selected reports that share a common timeline, users can now also synchronize the time period so that the designated time period is the same.

Monthly Samba Performance Overview

In an effort to help provide some insight into the results of your Samba campaigns, we’ve begun sending monthly, automatically-generated performance overviews. This is a perfect way to get a macro-level view of what’s happened in the past month, especially for those users who don’t or can’t monitor progress on a regular basis.

On the first page of the performance overview document, you’ll get basic information about Samba's performance from the perspective of email campaigns, web personalization, and triggers, including which of those campaigns were the most successful. In addition, these reports will help inform you if and when individual parts of Samba aren’t working and/or connected correctly. When they’re not, you’ll receive a warning, including a link to more information regarding how to fix the respective issue.

Accelerated Customer Details

From the recently-added Database > Contacts & Details section, you can easily filter and view customers in your database, including the ability to see details of each individual customer, plus what they bought from you and more. Best of all, this features has been greatly accelerated, meaning you can access what you need faster.

Transactional Emails are now Available in Dutch

Great news for our users who have Dutch-speaking customers! We’ve now translated all of our transactional emails into Dutch, however the Samba interface remains available only in Czech, English, and Hungarian.

Preview Enterprise-exclusive Features in Platinum Version

If you’re currently a Platinum user and would like to learn more about what upgrading your plan to Samba Enterprise can do for you, you can now preview what each locked part (those features with a “lock” image) contains and how it can increase the performance and efficiency of your e -shop.

With that, we’ve added an option to easily contact your Samba merchant who can answer all of your questions and provide a quote.

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