Samba News - September 2019

November 19, 2019

Lots of News in Samba!

Over the past month, a lot of short-term and long-term projects have come to fruition, culminating in a lot of new improvements, features, and optimizations for Samba. Much of what we did was guided by user feedback, which is continually gathered across several communications channels, evaluated, and utilized as part of our decision-making processes.

With that in mind, thank you to all of you who have shared feedback and will share in the future. It’s as always, much appreciated!

New Customer Filter: Next Purchase Prediction

Built upon our advanced prediction algorithms and machine learning capabilities, Next Purchase Prediction is a new customer filter that’s now available in Samba. With this filter, users can identify customers who, according to the prediction, won’t make a purchase for a certain period of time.

A typical use case is to then use that metric to actively work at reducing the time between purchases. For example, customers who are expected to buy in about 30 days, or even more, can be targeted with a special campaign that will try to attract them to buy at shorter intervals utilizing a variety of methods.

This opens up a host of new possibilities for more curated and relevant marketing campaigns and communications that are specifically made for customers who have a smaller purchase frequency. Like all campaigns, you can get them shopping again by enhancing the offer with different types of discounts, coupons, time-limited promotions, etc.

Custom Campaigns can now be used in Advanced Flow Campaigns

Previously, users were unable to use Custom Campaigns within Flow Campaigns, but now a combination of the two is possible. From within a Flow Campaign, you can now select the properties of a previously-run Custom Campaign as part of the Campaign Activity step, which ultimately has many applications.

Typically, these would be the utilization of older, one-time custom email campaigns where you would look to use the audience for a specialized Flow Campaign. More specifically, you can choose to use an audience that opened, clicked, or simply received a previously-issued Custom Campaign. Please note, you can choose from any Custom Campaigns you have in Samba.

Large-scale Business Insights

Business Insights is one of the more advanced features of Samba Enterprise because it acts as a superstructure of all data from your e-shop, retail operation, and various other connected data sources. With it, users gain a comprehensive view of various statistics, predictions, and results over time with complete interactivity and exporting features.

We’ve improved the display of the insights window, which now effectively fills the entirety of the available space, making all elements larger, more visible, and simply easier to work with. Additionally, we’ve continually added new reports, which we’ll continue doing moving forward.

Here’s an overview of the currently-available reports, which can all be customized for each customer:

  • Business Performance Insights
  • E-commerce Insights
  • Campaign Insights
  • Deliverability Insights
  • RFM Insights
  • Churn Insights
  • Forecast Insights
  • Purchase Insights
  • Customer Insights

Now Faster and Optimized

Since logging into Samba is a fairly frequent activity, we wanted to give this functionality the focus and care it deserved. In addition to an improved design, which is connected to our on-going “facelift” across the entirety of Samba, we’ve also significantly accelerated the sign-in process and subsequent loading of the platform.

Of course, the difference in speed will depend on the performance of a user’s device, browser, and other variables. In addition, we replaced that boring ol’ loading wheel with a Sambafied toucan wheel, which you may not even see due to the faster speeds.

Lastly, for your convenience, we’ve added the latest news from our blog on the right-side of the login screen.

Refresh mechanism for Audiences for Facebook

For a while now, Samba has supported an audience export feature for Facebook and Instagram, but it was always a one-time export that gradually added new customers to previously-filtered groups within Flow Campaigns, automatically applying any associated filters.

Now you can choose whether or not you want to recalculate or refresh the audience, so that the previous audience, or group of selected customers, is completely deleted and replaced with a wholly new, updated audience that is more up-to-date and relevant.

Additionally, you can also conveniently set a time period after which you want this refresh process to be automatically performed by Samba.

New Section: Database

For easier management of audiences and segments, we’ve created a new section, Database, which is accessible from the main navigation menu. While before you could only create different customer segments and filters when creating campaigns, you now have the freedom to work with them independently and use them when you need to.

From the Database section, you can easily create and access customer and product filters, manage contacts within the database, and view basic statistics. While the Database section is available for both Platinum and Enterprise users, the Enterprise version allows for the use of external databases, for example, those contained within a .csv file. This feature works great when exporting special types of audiences from your Business Insights.

Detailed Statistics in Flow Campaigns

Flow Campaigns are a great tool for creating dynamic, automated campaigns that respond to different events, behave according to set actions, work within an omnichannel environment, and more. With it, you can create scenarios that truly resonate with specific customer groups, utilizing simple drag-and-drop controls and all of it accomplished within a matter of minutes.

To better evaluate how your particular Flow Campaign sections are performing, we’ve now added the option to view statistics across all email nodes, which is initiated by clicking the “Stats” button. In conjunction with any A / B tests, this feature can help you make more informed decisions and give you better perspective into your campaign performance.

Push Notifications

One of the biggest additions this month is the support of another valuable communication channel: Push Notifications. With the simple addition of a script into your site, you can immediately collect customer approval to have push notifications from your site enabled.

This collection process is a necessary first step in your ability to send push notifications. The main advantages of push notifications are 100% deliverability and, in conjunction with Samba, advanced customer segmentation through smart Flow Campaigns.

Simplified Pricing Plans

In an effort to simplify our product offerings, we have also adjusted our pricing plans. Now, only the Platinum and Enterprise plans are available. which includes, besides the possibility of special adjustments and individual pricing, marketing or advanced interactive Business Insights reports.

Due to this change, we’re transferring all customers who currently have either a Silver or Gold plan to Platinum, which will provide them with a greater number of features allowing them to increase the efficiency of their e-shop, further increasing their return on investment and other parameters.

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