Samba Spotlight: Abandoned Cart Genius Agent

June 27, 2019

As an e-commerce business owner, you’ve probably had a taste of online marketing, to varying degrees of success. The days of a more linear process are gone, replaced by a process that has to more effectively align with the shopping behaviors of shoppers to truly shine.

Samba’s marketing automation platform provides you with that ability to adapt, giving you the agility to match that of your customers. One prime example of these capabilities are Samba’s Genius Agents, which are triggers that will automatically execute marketing communications for certain customers at certain times.


One of the most potent of these triggers is the Abandoned Cart trigger, which will activate when a customer has left your site with contents in their cart. Why is it so effective?

First, did you know that almost 75% of your customers will abandon their cart? Sounds rough, no? Well actually, it’s not. What it actually represents is a golden opportunity because you've actually acquire vital customer data that you can then use to create and send a personalized offer.

Don’t take our word for it, Salesforce found that 60% of shoppers who received a personalized abandoned cart email went back and purchased something. If you do the math, that’s a lot of sales.

But the key there is the personalization aspect. Personalizing your abandoned cart email, versus sending a generic follow-up email, makes the offer that much more tangible, triggers that top-of-mind awareness, and gives them something immediate to act on.

Simply enter your subject and pre-header text and finalize your design

When it comes to personalized email marketing Samba has you covered, as it will not only execute an abandoned cart email at an optimal time (you're aiming for the first 24 hours), but automatically populate that email with the items they had in their cart, other related products or services, and coupons.


Ahhh coupons. Who doesn’t love saving money? Most people when you consider that the number one reason people abandon their cart is for financial reasons, either because of unanticipated costs or the never-ending search for a better price.

Again, what sounds like a challenge becomes an amazing opportunity as Samba can easily integrate your coupons in your personalized messages, increasing the chance of conversion, but also greatly increasing customer satisfaction. That’s a win win.

Looking for some examples of Abandoned Cart emails? Here, have a look at these:

Great headline, clean design, and a can't-miss-it "Buy Now" button.
Items are the focus and the cart is saved for a certain period of time.
Coupon integration, survey link, and simple design.

If you wish to learn more about our Abandoned Cart triggers, head over to the Samba Knowledge Base.

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