Samba Spotlight: Picasso Email Editor

June 27, 2019

From the ground up, Samba was built to be powerful, yet completely accessible and user-friendly for every type of user. No feature better represents that ease-of-use more than our built-in email editing tool, Picasso.

Through the utilization of Picasso, users can create beautiful emails that combine their unique visual branding and aesthetics with the functionality of Samba’s advanced artificial intelligence, executing them all quickly and easily.

Picasso is built directly within the Samba platform and contains all you need to craft effective emails.


To really see Picasso in action, we encourage you to sign up for one of our free accounts and get started using it today. Here’s what you can expect to see:

  • User-friendly controls: Build your email templates with our simple drag-and-drop controls with the ability to easily add new rows, images, buttons, custom HTML code, and more
  • Product integration: Product offer blocks are customizable and can be easily integrated into any portion of an email. You choose the formatting and Samba will handle the rest, automatically selecting which products go where.  
  • Custom HTML: Want to take your creativity to the next level? Create and integrate custom HTML blocks, which can then be catalogued and easily added to any future email templates.
  • Visuals: Add your own custom images, including logo, photos, backgrounds, and banners, to help drive your brand and visual identity.
  • Photobank: Access an entire catalog of stock images that are free to use in your campaigns.
  • Preview & Test: Before you launch your campaign, easily preview your email or send they work before your campaign starts
  • Save: Can’t finish your template? Simply save it and come back where you left off.


When your campaign is ready to run, Picasso will take your design and automatically fill it with targeted, personalized content for each and every customer. By combining your design with Samba’s advanced personalization features, you get a potent sales tool that also goes a long way to building your brand.

While placeholders will be filled with personalized products, you can customize all other aspects

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