Samba News - March 2019

June 27, 2019

Is it getting warmer out there, or is that just Samba heating up?

The month of March not only brought in a new season, but marked the introduction of a host of new features, changes, and improvements for Samba and Samba Enterprise (formerly Yottly / Virtua).

Here’s an overview of what’s new:

New "Has a name day today" customer filter

We’ve added a new filter that lets you select customers who are celebrating a name day on a given day. With this filter, you can prepare a special communication with personalized messaging, offers, and related content.

This setting is available in Filters (for Samba) and in a more advanced form in Audiences (for Samba Enterprise).

This filter can be easily integrated into a Samba Enterprise campaign, being executed automatically throughout the year.

Shoptet Data Integration - Choice of short / long product descriptions

If you use Samba with Shoptet integration, you can now choose to use a short product description in addition to the standard long description. This is a great option for certain touch points, such as newsletters.

Ability to send multiple campaigns daily

This long-awaited feature is now here. Up until now, only one campaign that had used newsletters could be utilized each day. Now it's possible to run multiple of these campaigns per day, but you can still only send a maximum of one email per day per customer due to the anti-spam policy.

To supplement this, we've also added more advanced statistics and tracking.

Smart Targeting - "Find optimal audience" option

Samba’s Smart Targeting feature utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically identify an optimal group of customers for a certain campaign. However, if you had previously manually entered your own date range and number of customers you would no longer be able to set to the original optimum audience suggested via Smart Targeting.

To fix that issue, we've added a new “Find optimal audience” button that automatically sets the slider to the optimum value.

Dashboard - Optimized Date Range selection for Statistics

In the past, if you switched from “detailed” statistics to “summary”, or vice versa, directly in the dashboard, the time range previously selected was automatically reset. Now the specified time range remains even when you switch.

Optimizations and bug fixes:

Picasso editor

  • Removed query parameters from links
  • Fixed phone number link formatting

Web Personalization

  • The widget code window now only pops up after the widget is saved

Data Integration

  • Integrated some minor changes to the interface that is displayed when saving changes and reporting errors

Smart Targeting

  • Added the ability to set the audience size slider based on a saved campaign


  • Fixed some issues associated with the "Custom Parameter" condition in Salutation
  • Fixed a bug where the "current cost" setting was not reflected in the preview of an unfinished campaign

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