Improved Database Management in Samba


Properly defining the right audience for a given campaign is one of the key ingredients for its subsequent success. When it comes to working with your segmentation and selecting audiences in Samba, we wanted to give our users even more flexibility and options than what was currently available. 

To that end, we decided to extrapolate and expand that functionality, introducing a completely new interface that offers a host of new features and options. This new section, “Database”, is easily accessible from Samba’s main navigation menu and available for all Samba users.


Once you’ve navigated to your “Database”, you’ll find, on the left-hand side of the interface, three categories you can work with: Database, Filters, and Contacts.

The Database options will allow you to review all of the customers and products you have synchronized with Samba, by selecting either “Audience Database” or “Product Database” respectively. When it comes to the former of the two, you can easily review customer details and find all relevant sales information, including number of orders, total money spent, past purchases, and more. Among other things, this will help you get accessible, real-time insight into each and every one of your customers.

Filters will help you narrow the target group for each campaign you send from Samba. From your Database, you can see all the filters you previously created, along with some basic statistics, and have the option of creating new ones as well, either from scratch or starting with one that already exists. Samba divides filters into two groups: customer attributes and purchased products.

The options within Contacts allow you to review your customer base and either upload new customers or remove them. Additionally, you can export all of your customer information to a .csv file with one click, which comes in handy if you need to import it into another system or if you want to make any manual changes.

If you’re an Enterprise user, you can also utilize the option, External Audiences. This functionality enables you to upload a .csv file containing email addresses directly to Samba. This is helpful for one-time campaigns that target a completely different audience than usual and you don’t want to combine those contacts with your existing customer base. In these cases, it’s important that you make sure you have all the GDPR related consents to keep your credibility high.

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