Save you time with Dynamic Product Templating


Every marketer knows this – one of the most labour-consuming areas in email marketing. Of course, we are talking about creating a visual design for your email campaign and products contained in it. Normally you start with uploading the correct picture for each product individually, continue with setting up proper sales supportive labels like “new” or “sale” and so on.

Got it? Good! Don’t forget to check if the prices are still correct and all the call-to-action buttons work as expected. But that’s not all. With the next newsletter, you usually start from scratch again. That’s just exhausting and non-scalable. Don’t give up, though! Samba knows how to speed up the whole process.


A powerful and easy to use design editor is an integral part of Samba. Thanks to it you can define personalized product templates. After all, you - the marketer - know the best what types of products work the best in your email campaigns and which templates will suit the purpose. Such design templates can be used repeatedly when defining your next campaign and save your time significantly.

For example, you can create different templates for new products, discounted goods or products currently in stock. Most importantly - you can focus on specific items popular with the recipients of your email campaigns. Samba helps you identify such products easily thanks to A.I. and advanced statistics. This really improves the speed of your work and enables you to send personalized campaigns at scale.

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