Tackling Abandoned Carts with Email Automation


According to a recent study by Shopify, 7 out of 10 customers who put goods into a cart will not complete their order. While the reasoning of why these visitors abandon differs, the fact remains that over 30% of them are recoverable, meaning there are a lot of sales left sitting that you can convert.

Abandon cart strategy

When it comes to converting these customers, there are a few things to consider with your communication:

  • Timing: It comes as no surprise that the sooner you reach out to these customers, the higher the chance they’ll complete their order
  • Visuals: Displaying the products, complete with images, reviews, or prices, triggers an emotional response, increasing their interest
  • Actionable: It’s important to give them something to act on, whether that’s a button that takes them directly back to their cart or

Triggered emails

Samba’s automated marketing utilizes personalized emails that trigger when a user abandons their cart. The content of these emails can include the products left behind in the cart, viewed products that didn’t make it in, or even related products that they may have missed and would be possibly interested in.

Best of all, Samba is continually learning more and more about your customers over time, improving the relevancy of the related products included and the timing of when emails are sent, adding up to more sales for you.

Want to learn more about setting up your own trigger? Check out our Knowledge Center for more information.

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