The Art of Pause: Unlocking the Value of Strategic Friction in Online Shopping


In the e-commerce landscape, friction has often been the nemesis of the customer experience, with businesses striving for the utmost ease and speed in transactions. However, a deeper dive into customer behaviors reveals a counterintuitive truth: strategic friction can enhance the online shopping journey, leading to more thoughtful engagement and higher customer satisfaction. At, we advocate for a paradigm shift where data analytics and machine learning help orchestrate these friction points to benefit both the customer and the brand.

The Case for Strategic Friction

The concept of friction in online shopping refers to any element that requires additional thought or action from customers. Conventional wisdom suggests that frictionless is synonymous with better, yet data tells us a different story. Studies show that when customers spend more time interacting with products and considering their purchases, their satisfaction and commitment to the purchase increase. This is strategic friction at work: the deliberate introduction of thoughtful pauses that lead customers to value their choices more.

At, our machine learning framework harnesses the power of a 360 customer view to identify the moments where friction can be most beneficial. By analyzing customer data from all touchpoints, we empower businesses to implement strategic friction in a way that complements their omnichannel marketing efforts, creating a cohesive and rewarding customer experience across all channels.

Strategic Friction in Practice

How does strategic friction manifest in online shopping? Consider the example of a multi-step checkout process. While one-click purchases are the norm for many retailers, adding a step that allows customers to review their cart contents can result in fewer impulse purchases and lower return rates. This pause encourages customers to confirm their commitment to the products they've chosen, leading to a more satisfying purchase.

Personalization is another area where friction can play a pivotal role.'s machine learning capabilities enable businesses to offer personalized recommendations or content at key points in the shopping journey. This approach keeps customers engaged, offers them value, and increases the likelihood of conversion. Your Partner in Strategic Friction

Implementing strategic friction successfully requires a nuanced understanding of customer behavior — something provides in spades. Our advanced analytics and machine learning tools give businesses the insights needed to introduce friction points effectively. Whether it's through personalized email marketing campaigns that invite customers to revisit abandoned carts or by offering multiple delivery options to consider, ensures that every interaction is data-driven and customer-centric.

In summary, strategic friction is not about hindering the shopping experience; it's about enriching it. With's robust framework, businesses can fine-tune their customer interactions to create moments of positive friction that lead to more meaningful engagements and ultimately, a stronger bottom line.

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