How to set up Repeat Order Triggers


If you’re selling goods that are consumable or ordered on a regular basis (e.g. baby diapers, food, healthcare products, bath products, etc.), then you probably know how beneficial it is, or would be, to remind your customers to reorder once a product is about to be consumed.

Doing so, on a viable scale, presents a few problems issues:

  • How do I accurately determine when to contact them for reordering?
  • How do I handle all of my customers in an easy fashion?

Samba’s tackles these issues with some learned calculations and a whole heaping of automated marketing.


When it comes to scheduling, consumption for each individual customer is based on the time between purchases of the product. If this is the first purchase for a customer, the consumption period is estimated based on the usual purchasing tendencies of similar customers, buying the same product.

Once initialized, Samba runs campaigns automatically with its Autopilot feature, meaning these communications are continually happening behind the scenes, with virtually no input required.

Machine Learning

As it acquires more and more customer data, Samba improves over time, growing with your customers’ tastes and needs. Our algorithms seemingly have a sixth sense, being able to determine when it may be appropriate to stop sending the reminder emails. as well as offering related products that have proven popular across similar segments.

Customers that last

In conclusion, the process of offering a convenient means of reordering these type of products not only gains you more profits, but helps build a strong relationship with your customers who feel they’re being catered to and can depend on you.

Want to learn more about setting up your own trigger? Check out our Knowledge Center for more information.

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