“samba’s predictive algorithm continually improves — and so have our results!"


Revenue increased by 24%

Cost Per Conversion decreased by 30%


Dentsu is a global media agency that currently operates in 140 countries around the world, including the Czech Republic where it’s widely considered to be a leader in the field of online marketing and innovation. The Czech Republic-based branch alone employs over 250 people and is expected to see continued growth. One of the main services they provide for their clients is the processing and compilation of advanced data analysis which opens the door for those clients to more effectively sell their products online. For one of their biggest clients, they use Samba’s Enterprise-level analytics platform for this exact purpose.

Using Samba

Before they started using Samba, it was very difficult for Dentsu companies to link offline and online data together, leaving them with a somewhat incomplete picture of their customers and their respective behaviors. Manually connecting such a large amount of data for each customer would’ve required a very time-consuming, error-prone process.

With Samba, once they started using it it instantly solved this problem, providing robust and thorough customer insights, which were delivered automatically and with high reliability and quality.

Despite the fluid nature of customer behavior, especially for a high-volume retailers, Samba’s mathematical models and algorithms are built to continually adapt over time, meeting the ever-evolving needs of each customer in real time. Armed with Samba’s AI and its predictive models, Dentsu has managed to improve both its core metrics and the overall performance of their marketing campaigns.

In addition, with time and money being saved, it was possible to reallocate resources to other marketing efforts, which helped to push Dentsu’s overall clients e-shop efficiency to a new level.


"Our collaboration not only lead to greater time efficiency, but we were also surprised at how the predictive algorithm continued to improve.

Dentsu’s marketing efforts saw a 180% increase in clicks and a 24% increase in revenue compared to the control group! At the same time, samba was able to reduce cost per conversion by a third.”

Martin Petera, Lead Project Manager, Dentsu

Samba Customer since 2018

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