"Thanks to Samba, we’ve managed to increase our revenue by 25%."


Revenue increased by 25%

Amount of orders increased by 27%

Introduction is one of the major importers, distributors, and manufacturers of food supplements and herbs in the Czech market. The company sells products through both a nationwide network of health food stores and through its own e-shop. The company has been on the market for more than 10 years and has built its reputation based primarily on the effectiveness and quality of their products.

Using Samba

Guaranaplus provides a prime example of how Samba can take the complexity of executing a marketing plan and deliver an easy-to-use, completely automated solution that eliminates that overall complexity. The company has no need for a marketing team or marketing specialist because Samba’s optimization and automation capabilities continually carry out personalized campaigns for each and every customer.

“The most important thing at the beginning was to get everything turned on and set up properly in order to maximize Samba’s potential. After that, everything has essentially gone into ‘maintenance-free’ mode,” said Bronislav Hábl, Executive Director of Guaranaplus.

The Guaranaplus e-shop uses all features and functionality of Samba Enterprise, including Welcome Campaigns, Behavioral Triggers, and Autopilot, the latter of which handles all of their personalized email campaigns entirely on its own. With that being said, there are some exceptional cases where manual intervention is warranted, which includes sending out a special, one-time campaign, creating new types of coupons, or looking at statistics.

Before they started using Samba, Guaranaplus was looking for solutions to improve their communication with customers across various channels and looked into Samba based on a recommendation. When it came down to deciding on which platform to finally use, they decided on Samba Enterprise after comparing its performance against competing solutions.


“When anyone asks why we like Samba, there are several reasons. It's easy to use, maintenance-free, and, most importantly, increased our revenue by 25%. Once we got Samba set up, I’ve only ever needed to occasionally look at the statistics of revenue growth a few times a month and haven’t really needed to change anything. Because of that, I have time to deal with other business-related and operational issues that are vital to the overall success of our business.”

Bronislav Hábl, Managing Director and

Samba Customer since 2016

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