“We chose Samba because it’s a multi-purpose tool and not just a mailing platform."





Founded in 2007, is the largest online price comparator and shopping advisor service available within the Czech and Slovakian markets. Each and every month, more than 4 million unique users take advantage of Heureka’s capabilities across its catalog of the over 29 million products listed on its website. Beyond that, Heureka provides its users with another source of significant added-value, which is its vetting and identification of high-quality and reliable e-shops. This intensive analysis process includes the evaluation of individual e-shop customers. In general, the company maintains a startup spirit, despite its high profile, and employs more than 150 individuals and generates hundreds of millions of crowns annually.

Using Samba

Because of Samba, Heureka can work with campaigns more efficiently and faster than ever before, requiring a team of only 3 dedicated marketing specialists that can focus their efforts on strategy, rather than execution.

“While campaign preparation used to take days, now it's only a matter of hours,” stated Marek Dobry, Brand Manager at Heureka. “Samba is a huge time-saver, while at the same time the catalyst that opens up much more space for creativity and overall work efficiency.”

Heureka takes advantage of Samba’s web-based personalization capabilities as well as its personalized email campaigns and behavioral triggers. Overall, their goal is to guide users towards what they might like and this is where Samba's advanced artificial intelligence analysis shines, automatically recognizing a user’s preferences and reacting accordingly, in real-time.

Moving forward, Heureka wants to transition from being only a price comparator to a universal shopping advisor and source of inspiration. To achieve this, they’ll be looking to Samba, and such built-in options as Flow Campaigns, to help expand their communication scenarios and provide an ample amount of personalization to deliver the right content to the right users.


“Even as we grow, samba continues to successfully meet our demanding requirements. And whenever we needed help figuring something out, their reliable, friendly support team was there to assist us or provide training. samba is really easy to use so everyone can learn to work with it really quickly! ”

Marek Dobry, Brand Manager

Samba customer since 2016

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