" completely eliminated the need for a four-person team"


Revenue increased 30%

Campaign Creation Costs reduced 400%


Adam Horsinka is a Czech Republic-based online marketer who helps CEE e-shops grow and more effectively market their products and services within their markets. Some of his biggest clients include Velky Kosik, Muj Koberec, Nessi Sport, and, the latter of which has a strong presence across various countries throughout Europe.

Using Samba

Before Horsinka began using Samba, each campaign he was responsible for required several people to prepare and execute it, including a marketing specialist, product specialist, sales person and, last but not least, a programmer who encoded the resulting HTML template.

With Samba, all of that work was done by the AI-powered system itself, saving countless time, resources, and money, and only requiring the help of one administrator to monitor and adjust campaigns when necessary.

"We initially tested several different solutions, but in the end chose Samba. The main reason for choosing it was because it was easy to use, despite the fact that it offers a lot of functionality, including automated personalized emails, triggered email campaigns, and many other useful features. Thanks to all of this, it can effectively recommend relevant products to each and every customer, ” said Adam Horsinka.

With the power to provide a completely personalized approach to each individual customer, Samba has helped Horsinka’s clients reduce costs, sell products that have not previously been sold, and increase customer retention.


“After the initial deployment of Samba on the Polish version of the e-shop, we achieved an incredible 30% increase in sales. Since the revenue generated by totals in the tens of millions of crowns, that is a sizeable increase in profits.

Subsequently, Samba was rapidly implemented into the Czech and Slovakian versions of and in the coming months we plan to deploy a more advanced version of Samba Enterprise, which will bring even more advanced features that will be used to automate the entire marketing mix.”

Adam Horsinka, Online Marketer,

Samba Customer since 2018

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