"Every modern e-shop should look to new technology, such as, to evolve."


Samba operates across 10 countries and in 10 languages

Introduction is one of the largest musical instrument retailers in the Czech Republic and has gradually expanded beyond the Czech market into 10 other countries throughout Europe. Delivering premium service and a vast range of products, for both beginners and professionals, Kytary has e-shops in 10 different languages and expansive retail locations in each of the two largest cities in the Czech Republic.

Using Samba

Kytary first discovered Samba while attempting to find a viable, robust marketing solution for their email campaigns. After their search, they A/B tested Samba along with some other similar services and ultimately found Samba to be the most powerful and versatile option available.

Although Kytary first started using Samba as solely an email marketing solution, utilizing its WYSIWYG editor, it wasn’t long before they began using Samba’s other AI-powered automation features including online personalization, recommended product widgets, and email triggers, such as the one for abandoned carts.

All of these tools were and continue to be used to automatically personalize and execute sales offers across 10 countries and in 10 languages. In all of those markets, Kytary uses these AI campaigns to autonomously identify and meet the needs of a variety of customer segments, all of which only requiring two copywriters to operate the entire system, with the marketing director regularly evaluating the results.

“We evaluate all marketing channels based on a variety of metrics, especially ROI. In this respect, Samba has proven to be a great solution because it brings us great results at a low cost.

I believe that the investment in Samba has paid off for two key reasons. We save in regards to manpower and required working time and the other is the sheer cost-effectiveness of it,” said Marketing Director, Filip Cerny.


“We've been using samba for over 2 years now and we’re more than satisfied with it. I like the team at samba because they provide a great platform and good support. In the long run, I think every modern company should look to new technology, such as samba, to evolve. That’s why we use it. In the future, we’ll face further challenges in improving efficiency and entering new markets and will continue to look to samba to help us exceed our goals. ”

Filip Cerny, Marketing Director,

Samba Customer since 2017

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