"We’ve just started using Autopilot and have already achieved better results than those with competitor solution"





Owned and operated by SP Venture Group, is one of the largest online retailers of perfumes and cosmetics in CEE, servicing a base of both B2C and B2B customers, from smaller e-shops to hair salons. While they’re currently primarily focused on the Czech, Slovak, and Polish markets, their ambition is to enter other markets such as those in Hungary and Romania. Across SP Ventures’ entire portfolio, revenue is in the hundreds of millions of crowns and growth rate is high, at about 25% per year.

Using Samba

In general, Parfemy SP keeps its competitive advantage by operating with a very low margin and placing an emphasis on efficiency. As part of this, they don’t have a dedicated internal marketing team, instead opting to use an external marketing agency that helps them with performance marketing.

Knowing how important cost-effectiveness and marketing efficacy was for their client, the agency viewed Samba as a viable option because of its advantageous price/performance ratio, while addressing the need for having a dedicated email specialist. After weighing a variety of competing solutions, they ultimately chose Samba looking to take advantage of its wide range of automation and personalization capabilities.

“We chose Samba not only because of great references but primarily because of the possibility for personalized communications that target each customer with offers on the products they like best,” said Roman Semora, Marketing Specialist at Parfemy SP. “Samba has helped us save time by automating campaigns and we still have room for improvement. We’ve just started using Autopilot and have already achieved better results than those with competitor solution, which was also more expensive.”


“Samba allows us to work efficiently. When we have time to focus on campaigns, we can customize them to a greater extent and send special one-time emails and other types of specialized communications. But when we don't have time, Samba still handles everything by itself, working automatically and meeting the personal needs of our omnichannel and web customers. Whatever the situation, we always have high-performing marketing campaigns running. The investment in Samba paid off and I strongly recommend it. ”

Roman Semora, Marketing Specialist at

Samba customer since 2018

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