"We value the effortless and quick preparation of campaigns"




Introduction is one of the leading retailers of health and beauty products, including cosmetics, medical supplies, and food supplements, in the Czech Republic. On their e-shop, you’ll find a large assortment of products that meet the needs of an equally vast range of customers.

Using Samba

Before using Samba, Prvni Lekarna had already decided to actively work with email marketing to better engage with their customers and increase their sales. As part of this, they knew they wanted to integrate special activities and personalized products for each customer, but were overwhelmed at the prospect of manually creating and distributing these emails.

It was this problem, the need to automate and optimize the process of personalized email marketing, that brought Prvni Lekarna to Samba. Through the utilization of Samba’s Autopilot feature, their regular email campaigns are now automatically analyzed, compiled, and distributed to their customers, with each of those individuals receiving a wholly-personalized email with custom products and offers. This has not only saved them time, but has considerably improved both the conversion rate of email orders and overall customer satisfaction.

In addition, Prvni Lekarna has also adopted other Samba features beyond personalized email automation that have contributed to a significant shift in the number of orders and sales, including web personalization and smart email triggers.

These triggers include Samba's Repeat Orders trigger, which automatically sends a reorder reminder for consumable products, and the highly-effective Abandoned Cart trigger, which automatically sends a timely email reminding shoppers of what they have in their cart, along with other personalized items.

When it comes to web personalization, Prvni Lekarna now offers personalized product offerings on both their main page and on targeted product pages, leading to higher conversion rates and average order values.

Overall, we value the effortless and quick preparation of campaigns, where we save precious time and resources. We’re still learning how to make best use of Samba and know we can achieve even higher numbers moving forward. I would like to personally thank the support team, which has been incredibly pleasant and helped us with the integration of Samba into our e-shop and continues to come up with new suggestions for improving our current campaigns


"In the reporting period, which was about 2 months, we saw an 84% increase in orders and a 76% increase in our sales turnover, which are both beautiful numbers. What pleasantly surprised us was the open rate of our automated ‘Shopping Interest’ campaigns, which was over 55%. The same can be said for our ‘Abandoned Cart’ campaigns, where the open rate was 47%. Also, we’re very excited about the long-term viability of web personalization, which ended up accounting for 6% of our total sales."

Ing. Jiri Cerny, Head of Marketing

User of Samba since 2019

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