Samba One


World’s First Turnkey AI Marketing Optimization & Insights Platform

Built specifically for our B2B partners, Samba One provides clients with Samba’s advanced AI-powered personalization and insights, complete with an easy, turnkey integration process and absolutely no upfront costs.

Partner-First Solution

Samba One was designed from the ground up to meet the specific needs and work processes of our B2B partners, complete with a turnkey implementation process, risk-free commitment, and custom A.I.-powered solutions and expertise.

Content Personalization

From the moment a visitor first visits, Samba utilizes its pool of historic data and customer third-party cookies to generate a dynamic, personalized web experience that is tailored to the needs and preferences of each and every customer in real-time.

Deep Insights

Connect all offline and online customer data in one place and gain a deeper, more personal understanding of each individual customer and what it takes to get them to convert.

Predictive Ad Serving

Lowering overall costs, while improving efficiency and efficacy, Samba optimizes the process of identifying and serving ads to new and existing customer audiences through advanced predictive analysis.


Channel-less Marketing

Samba unifies what makes each customer unique and fuels a highly-relevant, high-performing marketing mix.

  • Proprietary Data Exchange
  • Ad Serving
  • DMP Integration
  • Social Networks
  • Email Marketing
  • Push Campaigns
  • and more

Turnkey Solution

Employing a user-friendly platform and an integration process that requires only one line of code, Samba One is as easy to use as it is to set up, expand, and scale.

  • Developed with our global B2B partners in mind
  • Requires only one line of code to get started
  • User-friendly, accessible interface
  • Fully-scalable solution
  • Cross-device compatible

Risk-free & Transparent Pricing

With no money down, clients can start experiencing the benefits of Samba with absolutely no risk and can expand to more services on their terms.

  • Absolutely no upfront costs
  • Pay as you go
  • Get only what you need with a la carte extensions
  • Completely transparent invoicing process

Full-Spectrum Analytics 

From each individual customer to the entirety of a customer base, gain a more comprehensive, scalable picture of your customers that effectively fuels the decision-making processes across the entirety of an organization.

  • Advanced Customer Data Management
  • Deep Insights, including CLV, AOV, Socioeconomic, etc.
  • Predictive Analytics, including Next-Best Step, Churn Prediction, etc.
  • Customizable reporting

Fully Compliant, Completely Secure

Rest easier knowing that all data collection, analysis, and processing is handled securely and within strict compliance of global mandates.

Identity management

GDPR approved

Speak with us to learn more about the benefits and features of Samba One.