Introducing Samba One

September 6, 2019


For us, nothing runs deeper than the relationships and bonds we’ve built with our Samba clients and partners in our pursuit of improving their everyday marketing and operational processes. A large part of that cooperation, and our subsequent focus when it comes to Samba, is ensuring our products and services are built to not only meet their needs but exceed them, even further easing their burdens and providing them with even more value.

Going a step further, when it comes specifically to our B2B partners, we felt we needed to do more to improve how they could connect with their clients regarding Samba. To help get those clients connected with and utilizing the beneficial features of Samba more easily and quickly, doing so in a completely transparent, risk-free manner that eliminated any barriers of entry and empowered our partners to do more with their clients.

Our solution? Introducing Samba One, our turnkey marketing personalization and insights platform built specifically for B2B agencies and other third-party partners. With it, our partners will have a potent solution for their clients that helps transition them to an A.I.-powered framework in an effortless, scalable, and customized fashion.


One of the key features of Samba One, and the genesis of its name, is its turnkey integration process, which requires the insertion of just one script into a client’s website. With that, Samba will begin accumulating data and providing a plethora of insights and dynamic personalization options.

That ease and accessibility carry over to the scalability and expandability of Samba One’s general offerings. Reflecting the reality that no two clients are the same, Samba One provides a core set of A.I.-powered tools and functionality, with the ability to add, on an a la carte basis, extended features, including email automation, genius agents, and more. In addition to that, there are no significant upfront costs and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Digging a bit further, here’s a list of those core features:

  • Advanced Insights & Analytics enhanced by Microsoft Power BI
  • Samba Accelerators offer actionable best practices and guides to help you get the most out of Samba and it’s suite of A.I. features
  • First-time Visitor Personalization
  • Dynamic Web Personalization
  • Proprietary Data Exchange
  • And much more


While we’re excited to introduce partners to the inherent ease and value of the platform itself, what we’re really looking forward to is sharing our expertise in artificial intelligence and building value-laden relationships that ultimately benefit end-users.

In addition, we want to help showcase our partners and provide a viable means of connecting them with potential clients. To that end, we’ve created our Partner Network. Beyond the potential for connecting interested businesses with verified agencies and freelancers, partners will benefit from the aforementioned Data Exchange where unified customer data will be shared amongst partners who opt-in. This will give them access to unparalleled, anonymized customer data and the value that provides for their clients.


If you’re a B2B agency or freelancer and want to learn more about Samba One, including a personal demonstration, please complete our short online form.

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